Trust your Vote with Alastair Bell for Entrust

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Alastair Bell

Alastair Bell

Auckland, October 13, 2021

The C&R Candidate for Entrust; Elections from October 14 to 29, 2021

Why you should re-elect the C&R – Communities and Residents Team to Entrust

The $303 Entrust payment recently received by electricity consumers was a welcome respite from all that Aucklanders are going through. That is almost $1000 in three years to every one of the 346,000 people and businesses with a power bill.  

The risk is – will it continue? It will if the C&R team is re-elected to Entrust! 

Every three years that dividend is put at risk from the outcome of the Entrust elections.

These elections are running by postal voting from October 14 to October 29, 2021.

Each person with a power bill gets a vote.

Your voice at Entrust

Entrust is a consumer trust which owns 75% of the lines network company, Vector.

This gives consumers a strong voice and ensures that Vector’s profits are returned to the local Auckland community through the Entrust dividend. C&R Trustees will ensure Entrust pays the dividends to you, as an electricity consumer.

Solar, electric vehicles, E-ferries, E-buses and battery storage will change everything in time, but as change occurs, power must remain affordable and accessible to people like you and me. 

As well as the dividend, in the last three years, the C&R-led Entrust has worked with Vector, achieving the following:

  • Less power outages and reduced network charges on your power bill
  • Vector has partnered with global technology partners Amazon Web Services, Google X and Tesla to develop new digital technology platforms
  • Sensible transitioning to a low carbon energy future that keeps focus on energy affordable for consumers
  • Many millions are spent each year on undergrounding power lines. 69% of the network now undergrounded. C&R will keep supporting this programme.
  • Entrust has control of the publicly listed company, Vector. This requires strong corporate governance and experienced Trustees. The Vector board is one of the most reputable boards in NZ

First elected in 2018, I am seeking re-election with the experienced C&R team to deliver your dividends to you and to ensure consumers best interests are met.   

The C&R team will deliver the dividends, it will give priority to reliable power supply, and to power affordability, committing to lower possible prices which directly impacts access for all power consumers. And we won’t sell down Vector.

Your vote matters! If the C&R team is re-elected, your current position as a beneficiary of Entrust is guaranteed.

About Alastair Bell 

Alastair Bell is a Director, Accountant, Change manager, Consumer advocate.

Batchelor of Commerce, Chartered Accountant, Chartered Director, Project Management Professional, JP. A resident of Orakei, with 30 years’ experience in corporate, public and not-for-profit sectors. Interests include environmental and business sustainability, Auckland’s infrastructure and Auckland’s heritage.

Governance and Community: Board member of Vector. Trustee of Entrust, Motutapu Restoration Trust and Parnell Heritage. Chair of Orakei Community Association. Previously, deputy chair Foundation North and founding chair Centre for Social Impact.

Alastair said, “Entrust must be consumer-focused, understand the needs of its growing, diverse communities and be world-class in delivery.”

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