Spiritual Leader’s visit gratifies Auckland Hindus

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One of the most widely travelled Spiritual Leaders of Hinduism was in Auckland last fortnight, inspiring scores of people with his simplicity and innate knowledge of the Holy Scriptures that enunciate everything about life and beyond.

New Zealand was the 143rd country of visit for Poojya Gurudev Shri Fulchand Ji Shastri, (Fulchand Shastri) who at 36, has the record for travelling farther than any Prime Minister, Foreign Minister or flight attendant.

An ardent devotee of Param Krupalu Dev Shrimad Rajchandra and Poojya Gurudev Shri Kanji Swami, Fulchand Shastri is the Founder of ‘Adhyatmik Sadhana Kendra,’ located at Umrala, Bhavnagar in Gujarat.

Atma Siddhi Shastra

Shrimad Rajchandra was known as a compassionate mystic in the Spiritual World for soul seekers who explore the journey towards Self-Realisation, Truth and Non-Violence. He was also the spiritual mentor of Mahatma Gandhi.

He compiled ‘The Atma Siddhi Shastra,’ a spiritual poetic reference in just one sitting of 90 minutes. It is highly revered as a Holy Scripture for spiritual aspirants.

The Atma Siddhi Shastra has 142 Stanzas that narrate Shrimad Rajchandra’s personal and divine experience of Self-Realisation.

As explained by many enlightened Souls, it spreads the essence of infinite omniscient of God’s Preaching. Each of the 142 Stanzas of The Atma Siddhi Shastra hold a reference to teachings from currently available ancient 1500 scriptures.

Worldwide Establishment

Inspired by Shrimad Rajchandra, Fulchand Shastri translated the Scriptures into 415 languages and established them in 142 countries all over the world by the 150th Birth Anniversary of Shrimad Rajendra on November 4, 2017. This date commemorated the completion of the Atma Siddhi Shastra Mission, which commenced on December 25, 2014.

New Zealand is the 143rd country of establishment of this Scripture. Fulchand Shastri presented the Atma Siddhi Shastra on February 17, 2018 to the ISSO Swaminarayan Temple in Papatoetoe and to Rrahul and Bhavini Dosshi, a couple who establish and manage ‘Rainbow Corner Early Education Learning Centres’ in Auckland.

Glowing Presence

This Holy scripture would re-establish itself in its glowing presence to enlighten several lives on the path of spiritual awakening, when mass destruction like Tsunamis, earthquakes and would sink the world into darkness as Kali Yug ends.

Atma Siddhi Shastra has been established at National and Public Libraries, Indian Embassies of High Commissions and Consulates, Universities, Colleges, Schools, Book Stores, Jain Temples, Jain Upashray, Hindu Temples, Churches, Masjids, Gurudwaras, Buddhist Viharas, Residences, Offices, Factories, Hospitals, Clinics, Restaurants, Prisons and even Funeral Homes.

It is expected that people would benefit from reading, studying and absorbing its true essence.

During his two-day stay in Auckland, Fulchand Shastri presented discourses on Spirituality and inspired people to read Atma Siddhi Shastra.

Formative Years

Born on July 25, 1981 in Bhavnagar, Gujarat, Fulchand Shastri showed spiritual inclination in his formative years and exceptional abilities to express Spiritualism and give discourses.

When he was 19 years old, he captivated young and old people by reciting 1500 Holy


He has devoted his life for ‘Gyaan Deepak Sadhana’ (‘Illumination of lamps of Knowledge’) for aspirants to pursue a dedicated spiritual journey towards Self-Realisation under guidance in Umrala.

As well as conducting a daily programme called ‘Atma Sadhana’ on ‘Arihant Channel’ relayed in India with online links available for global viewing, he visits the USA every year to conduct discourses for Paryushan and Gyaan Shibirs.

Extraordinary Discourses

Fulchand Shastri created a record about nine years ago by rendering his discourses in 35 Indian and foreign languages at an event in Philippines and a non-stop discourse of 78 hours in Mumbai in 2009. He has delivered more than 30,000 hours of discourses worldwide.

As well as an inspiring speaker, he is a visionary writer stimulating thinking. He has more than 40 books on Spirituality and Vegetarianism in various languages to his credit.

He has played a vital role in inspiring more than 5000 people worldwide to adopt vegetarianism and has led prisoners to transform positively.

Honours and Citations

Fulchand Shastri is a recipient of numerous Honours and Citations including ‘ASU’ (‘The Rising’), ‘Gyaan Avatar’, ‘Sir’, ‘International Multilingual’, ‘Numerologist of Southeast Asia’ and ‘The Miracle Man.’

He is often referred as ‘The Man with a Mission’, to fulfil a unique mission inspired by his Spiritual Master Shrimad Rajchandra’s dream.

He initiated and successfully completed ‘The Atma Siddhi Shastra Mission’ to preach and preserve ‘Atma Siddhi Shastra,’ reportedly ‘the ultimate Spiritual Guide’ in 143 countries.

The Guide was translated into 415 languages and establish it at 100,000 centres across the world on the 150th birth anniversary of his Spiritual Master on November 4, 2017.

Promoting Jain Scholars

Fulchand Shastri mentors Jain Scholars and learned people who seek his guidance for their Spiritual advancement.

He was invited as a Speaker at ‘Young Jains of America’ and the ‘Jaina Convention 2017.’

His discourses can be seen on YouTube.

For further information, please www.fulchandshastri.com


Photo Caption:

  1. Fulchand Shastri (Centre) presenting Atma Siddhi Shastra to RRahul Dosshi (Right) and Bhavini Dosshi (second from Left) on February 16, 2018 in Auckland
  2. Fulchand Shastri presenting Atma Siddhi Shastra to the Priest at ISSO Swaminarayan Temple in Papatoetoe in South Auckland on February 16, 2018.

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