Samaritan of the community receives International Achievers Award

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Davinder Singh Rahal with the ‘International Achievers Award 2021’ (Photo Supplied)

Venkat Raman
Auckland, January 2, 2022

Samaritan of the Auckland communities and well-known businessman Davinder Singh Rahal has been conferred the ‘International Achievers Award 2021,’ given by the Delhi based Indian Achievers Forum, in recognition of his excellence in services to communities.

The Indian Achievers Forum, a Government of India-recognised Not-for-Profit Organisation said that the nomination process is simple but the selection of winners is rigorous and robust.

Recognition and Awards

Awards and citations are not new to Mr Rahal in his impressive career that spans about 34 years since he migrated to New Zealand in November 1988. He was appointed a Justice of the Peace 2008 and four years later and he received the Queen’s Service Medal (Birthday Honours List 2012) for his service to the Indian community in New Zealand.

Davinder Singh Rahal with then Governor-General Sir Jeremiah Mateparae after receiving the Queen’s Service Medal at the Investiture Ceremony on August 29, 2012 (Government House Photo)

His experience of over 23 years in the hospitality industry (which included ownership and operation of ‘Sangeet Indian Restaurant’ in Manukau), allowed him to create strong connections with the Indian community and understand the meaning of social welfare.

He played an important role in establishing Gurudwaras in Bombay Hills and Papatoetoe. Among the other organisations that have received his involvement, support and assistance are the Ambedkar Sports and Cultural Club, the New Zealand Helping Hand Society (of which he was the Chairman), the Auckland Sikh Society Incorporated (Founder-Member) and through GOPIO South Auckland of which is a former President.

Help to the needy during lockdown

He is passionate about community welfare and actively looks for people in need.

During the long spell (107 days) of lockdown, Mr Rahal started a project called ‘Feed The Need.’

Supported by his wife Jyoti, he purchased food and other supplies necessary for a family and distributed them in the South Auckland area. It is said that the material that he distributed at the residence of people was sufficient to provide more than 4600 meals.

Mr Rahal understands the pinch of hunger among the poor and the needy, for, during his restaurant days, he used to distribute leftover food every day to people. He established the ‘Feed The Need’ project in 2011, which involved the distribution of free food parcels.

Davinder Singh and Jyoti Rahal with a carload of essential items for delivery (Photo Supplied)

“Elderly people are often forgotten and our focus is to provide them with their needs,” he said.

Live Vision Society and community welfare

Mr Rahal is the Chairman of Life Vision Society, a charitable organisation. In 2017, he converted his office into a temporary shelter for the homeless. He and his team distributed food to the less fortunate, homeless, and hungry people on the street.

“Life Vision Society distributed more than 1764 food packages to people in need around South Auckland. It provides free transport to people who are unable to keep up medical appointments,” Mr Rahal said but did not mention that he donated a car from his personal account to the Society to provide this service.

‘Mission Food Rescue’ is his upcoming project.

“This will focus on volunteers picking up surplus, harvested and cosmetically imperfect food (although edible) to deliver it directly to a nearby food bank, homeless shelter or those in need. This Project aims to create a better understanding of food waste and its environmental impacts. Food waste creates a big carbon footprint and has negative effects on society. By eliminating food waste, we can reduce the burden on landfills and create a better food system for everyone,” Mr Rahal said.

His hobbies include writing Poetry, Punjabi songs, some of which have been recorded and released on CD and video, organising community welfare and cultural events as well as writing poetry.

Mr Rahal can be contacted on +64 27-3711111. Email:

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