Public support leads to arrest of armed offender in Auckland

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“It was not a hate crime but an isolated incident”- Police Superintendent Naila Hassan

Waitemata Police District Commander Superintendent Naila Hassan briefing the media on the North Shore incident
on June 23, 2022 (Screen Grab)

Venkat Raman
Auckland, June 23, 2022

Members of the public in Auckland’s North Shore assisted the Police in apprehending an armed offender who stabbed several people.

Waitemata Police District (which includes North Shore) Commander Superintendent Naila Hassan said that the man has been admitted to the North Shore Hospital and is under constant police supervision.

The series of incidents started at about 11.30 am when the offender went to a house on Westbourne Road and stabbed an occupant and then ran towards the beach area where three members of the public standing near a bus stop were also stabbed.

Describing the incidents as ‘extremely fast moving,’ Ms Hassan said that the “Police responded quickly, apprehended the offender and prevented further harm to our communities.”

It was a random attack with no indication it could have been prevented, she said.

It is understood that crutch was used by a member of the public to stop the man before he was arrested by the Police.

Ms Hassan told the media that the offender belongs to the area and that he had randomly stabbed four people who suffered moderate injuries and were provided with proper treatment.

“We are not seeking anyone else in connection with this incident. It was not a hate crime. We arrived on the scene within ten minutes after being notified. Members of the public acted with extreme bravery as they apprehended the offender and brought this incident to its conclusion quickly. It could have been a lot worse.  All four have been assessed as being in a moderate condition,” she said.

She said that charges will be laid against the man but could not divulge further information about him.

“It would have been a traumatic event for the victims. We are making sure they have the necessary support around them. We will be working with other agencies in order to make sure that he is taken care of,” Ms Hassan said.

She said that there will be increased police presence across the community as a result of the incident today.

“I would like to thank the community for their presence as scene examinational and area canvases take place. Anyone who had witnessed today’s events and has not spoken to the Police is encouraged to come forward and assist in our investigation,” Ms Hassan said.

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