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ACT Party Leader David Seymour (INL Photo)

David Seymour
Wellington, November 2, 2021

Aap sub ko Diwali ke Shubhkamnayen

I would like to wish everyone celebrating Diwali a safe, healthy, and joyous new year.

It is likely that celebrations will look different this year, but the essence of this festival – that light, hope, and knowledge will always triumph over darkness, evil, and ignorance is important now more than ever.

The ACT Party is a party of pragmatic solutions on issues that affect New Zealanders. Recently we celebrated 25-years of the ACT Party entering Parliament, unique in the world for championing personal and economic freedom.

ACT stands on principle for free markets and free minds. We do so because the record of human history is crystal clear, freedom is the only path to human flourishing.

ACT has always put good law-making and public policy at the centre of everything we do. Right from when the party was founded ACT has consistently been the party of ideas, advocating for expanded personal freedom and responsibility. Creation of the Super City; rise of the Productivity Commission; 3 Strikes; 90-day trials for all businesses and our Covid plan are only some examples of good public policy ideas from ACT.

People of Indian origin often share with me how their values of ‘jitni chadar ho utna hi pair phailana chahihye’ (cut your dress according to the cloth) resonate with ACT’s principles of restricting wasteful spending.

The Indian community values quality education for their children as education created opportunity. Charter Schools remain ACT’s signature achievement. They embody the liberation of the creative powers of a free society. Charter schools will be back, bigger, and stronger for more kids.

Exchange of Sweets is a part of Diwali Celebrations (Shivani Restaurants Photo)

ACT was founded to redistribute not wealth but opportunity. To allow poor people to purchase services they require off and open market like rich people always have.

As you celebrate Diwali, do remember that quality education for our children or fighting our way to freedom from Covid is only possible through pragmatic policy solutions that only ACT can provide.

David Seymour is elected Member of Parliament and Leader of ACT Party.

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