New team at rejuvenated Hindu society looks at fresh initiatives

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Venkat Raman

Venkat Raman

Auckland, June 17, 2022

Sasi Nambissan with Parameswaran Chandru at the Sri Ganesha Temple in Papakura

Auckland Malayali Hindu Samajam becomes OHM NZ 

The change in the name of Auckland Malayali Hindu Samajam to the Organisation of Hindu Malayalees NZ (OHM NZ) significant milestone for the young association with lofty aims.

The election of Sasi Nambissan as its President also signals rejuvenation.

An avid reader of Indian Newslink and its life-long friend, Mr Nambissan is a proven master of ceremonies and a person rich with ideas and ideals.

Years ago, he established ‘Aishwarya Entertainments Limited,’ as a prelude to his foray into theatre and cinema, in that order. He produced ‘Taj Mahal,’ a magnificent theatrical interpretation of a time-honoured love story in 2012 and a year later undertook the production of ‘Serndhu Polama,’ a romantic musical shot entirely in New Zealand. The movie, released in 2015 had rave reviews. Thereafter, he went to the United Arab Emirates for an Overseas Experience.

The return of Mr Nambissan to the social scene in Auckland will see some interesting changes.

During his tenure as the President, the Auckland Malayali Samajam saw a few milestones.

His appointment as a Justice of the Peace augmented his desire to be of service to people.

Members of the Executive Committee with Parameswaran Chandru at the Sri Ganesha Temple in Papakura

The New Executive Committee

The new Executive Committee at OHM NZ shares a common vision of community service, upholding the principles of Hinduism and the values of being Keralite.

Following a special pooja held at the Sri Ganesha Temple in the South Auckland suburb of Papakura last month, the new Committee began preparations for a purpose and service-oriented year of activities.

The Executive Committee comprises Sasi Nambissan (President), Devi Sobhana (Secretary),

Nitha Vayoth (Joint Secretary), Sobha Manmadhan Nair (Treasurer), Abijith Manayil, Ajai Nair,

Ramesh Keetezhathu, Dr Sankar Namboothiri and Sudheesh Nair (Members).

Mr Nambissan said that renaming the association the Organisation of Hindu Malayalees New Zealand is a step towards a parent organisation of all Malayali Hindus in New Zealand.

“The new Executive Committee is made up of people from all occupations and has a mix of high-level professionals from IT, Engineering, and medical fields. They have vowed to emphasise more importance to the development of children and women in the yearly cultural activities planned,” he said.

“The first event of OHM NZ is ‘Samskriti 2022, scheduled to be held on June 25, 2022, at Freemans Bay Community Centre, located at 52 Hepburn Street in Auckland City. It will be an occasion to meet and greet the members of our Organisation and those of other communities. We hope to connect with representatives of various organisations,” he said.

Further details can be obtained from Sasi Nambissan on 021- 797573 or Devi Sobhana on 022-069 7050.


Executive Committee Member Sudheesh Nair

Mega Onam in September

Devi Shobhana said that OHM has planned a ‘Mega Onam’ festivity on Saturday, September 3, 2022, at the Sri Shirdi Saibaba Temple and Community Centre located at 14 Princes Street in Onehunga, Central Auckland.

A trained Carnatic musician and teacher, she runs ‘Ragas of Devi,’ a creative art company aiming to promote art and culture. Empowerment of women is her passion, and she is leading the charge of educational programmes for women in the community.

“We are planning a variety of programmes to highlight our culture, heritage, and traditions. OHM’s Onam Celebrations this year will reflect our penchant for promoting various forms of Kerala art including Thiruvathiraikali, classical dances, drama and skits by children and other items by young talents. The highlight of the festival will of course be Onam Sadhya. We will welcome non-members and people from other communities at a small entry fee,” she said.

According to Mr Nambissan, the young and multitalented Committee is committed to channelising and portraying the image of the Organisation to the wider New Zealand community during their tenure.

(Pictures Supplied)

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