Network maintenance calls for a small price

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Network maintenance-Vishwas Deshpande.jpgComputers connected to the Internet either through a network or as single PCs need regular monitoring and maintenance.

You should ascertain that software patches, virus protection, and backups are working well; the last thing you want to discover after the system goes down that you have not had a good maintenance and backup system in place.

It is likely that business owners and individuals do not have adequate checks, balances, and protection against viruses, hackers and other problems.

The resultant loss of data and downtime would be more expensive than having the amount invested (in the first place) on a good network monitoring system.

It is not uncommon for small businesses to think that the new system installed in their office or factory would work “at least for a few years” without the need for any update or maintenance.

They are wrong. A well maintained network not only avoids interruption and failure but also helps the computer system to run faster.

It would be advisable to be proactive rather than reactive.

The proactive monitoring and maintenance process may not be a straight forward process, for it would require the presence of an engineer at site almost every day, spending up to an hour or so on every machine. This could be expensive, impractical and not even necessary.

There are better ways to deliver regular, critical monitoring and maintenance to businesses, which allow network monitoring round-the-clock at a reasonable price.

New technology allows automating a large portion of the maintenance and monitoring of the network.

The automated process offers the greatest benefit of all, namely ‘Peace of Mind.’

Company bosses and managers receive a combination of onsite and remote support to network, ensuring that their network is running at peak performance, data is secure and protected from hackers, viruses, spyware, spam, hardware failure, or human error.

You should therefore be satisfied that apart from a good networking system, you have backups that are functioning well, the anti-virus programme is up-to-date, the firewall is configured properly and restored periodically and the server is in working order.

Vishwas Deshpande is Director of Make IT Secure Limited, based in Auckland. Phone: 0800-026487 Email:

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