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Editorial Two

Issue 434 March 15, 2020

It is in the law of nature that every living being will come to collective defence in the face of adversity. It happens all the time in the animal kingdom.

The human society is torn by hatred, jealously, greed and rage against colour, creed, religion- all of them ironically made by humans themselves. And in this atmosphere of intransigence and intolerance, the unimaginable happens- as it did on March 15, 2019.

But we New Zealanders proved that we are different. The death of 51 innocent men, women and children in Christchurch Mosques and the 49 other people injured have touched our hearts.

As we marked the first anniversary of the tragedy, we proved that we are a caring nation, and that there is no evidence of any root of terrorism amongst us.

The massacre was a reminder of how similar white-nationalist and jihadist killers really are.
As the Economist wrote, “though the two groups detest each other, they share methods, morals and mindsets. They see their own group as under threat, and think this justifies extreme violence in “self-defence.” They are often radicalised on social media, where they tap into a multinational subculture of resentment.”

The deadliest virus
It is unthinkable that in this day and age, certain groups of people can consider themselves superior because of the colour of their skin or the religion to which they subscribe. It is time that people realised that their strength rests on unity than otherwise.

There is a larger threat that looms large today across the world- the Coronavirus. It has already affected more than 145, 000 people in 118 countries, killed about 5410 people and has become pandemic. This is an opportunity for all of us to unite and fight this deadly disease.

Nothing else matters now.


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