Greetings, Prayers and Good Wishes to a new septuagenarian

Judge Ajit Swaran and Subhag Singh with their daughters, sons-in-law and grandchildren

Welcome to the 70s Club (from October 17, 2021)!

Standfirst: November 4 is a special day in the life and career of Dr Ajit Swaran Singh, Judge of the Auckland District Court. For, it was on this day in 2002 that he was sworn-in as a District Court Judge. And this year- November 4, 2021 will be observed as Diwali Day by people of Indian origin throughout the world; it was also mark the reappointment of Judge Ajit Swaran Singh as District Court Judge after he officially retired on October 17, 2021 when he completed 70 years. We join hundreds of people- family, colleagues and friends- in greeting him on his double achievement and welcome him to the 70s Club. As we have been experiencing, septuagenarians enjoy the golden age in their lives.


Judge Ajit Swaran Singh with his wife Subhag (Photo Supplied)

A very happy 70th birthday to you, my amazing husband and life partner. After meeting you in 1972, my life has never been in the same.

Today (October 17, 2021) marks another milestone in your life as you celebrate your 70th birthday. You are the embodiment of goodness and a shining example to others. You always dreamt of flying high since your early days. Your hard work and dedication have made your dreams come true.

Your constant love, support and encouragement is very much appreciated. You have inspired me in my studies and teaching career. You have always included me in your decisions, community work and functions. The afternoon tea with snacks after my naps has always been welcoming. 

Through your mentoring, guidance and strength, our children have followed a pathway to success. I hope you know how grateful I am to have you by my side. Life without you would be unimaginable.

I have blissfully romanced with you around the world, especially the Romantic Rine, the Rocky Mountains, the beautiful Swiss Alps, the beauty of Rajasthan or just being with you. The memories and good times we have shared will always be cherished. 

At 70, you have made the world a much better place for your children, grandchildren, and me to live in. Our children and grandchildren love you for your unconditional love. Together, we celebrate your life.

May you be blessed with good health, infinite happiness, and success. I am very fortunate and blessed to have you in my life. The best is yet to come as we grow old together. 

Congratulations on your 70th birthday and many happy returns!

I wish you all the very best in your well-deserved retirement!

Your beloved wife, Subhag Singh

Judge Ajit Singh with his daughter Anjeet Kaur Singh

Anjeet Kaur Singh

Happy birthday to a wonderful father.

“The heart of a father is the masterpiece of nature.” — Abbé Prévost

Thank you for creating the beautiful childhood I experienced filled with love, laughter, and warmth. You have always been affectionate and naturing towards me and I am blessed that you have showered me with so much love.

Thank you for making us part of your incredible journey of growth. We are so fortunate that we have shared such beautiful memories together, both at home and abroad. You and Mum took us everywhere with you, even though we were a handful (and still are).

I dedicate all that I have achieved in life to you. You have always gone out of your way to help me. The sleepless nights, your constant support and encouragement, the early morning study sessions, learning how to ride a bike, watching to see if you were watching me when I received a prize at prize-giving – these acts all form part of the million memories that I am thankful for.

You have given us the most precious gifts – a great sense of security and safety, your time, your attention, your warmth, your affection, and an incredible amount of love.

We love you immensely and we are incredibly proud of you.

May you be forever blessed with love, health and happiness.

Anjeet Kaur Singh, Mayur Kishore Bhuta, Siddharth Kunaal Bhuta and Avita Jaanvi Bhuta

Amit Swaran Singh

Congratulations and Happy 70th Birthday Dad and Congratulations on your retirement Dad!

After a very long and distinguished career, you richly deserve to take a break and enjoy life!

A new chapter begins with your reappointment as a Judge. I am sure you will continue to serve the Judiciary with the same zeal that you’ve shown over the past 19 years. Best Wishes.

Judge Ajit Singh with his daughter Shobita Singh-Patel

Shobita-Singh Patel

Dearest Daddy: Happy 70th Birthday! I want to wish you a very happy birthday. I hope you enjoy every single moment of this milestone.

A father is said to be the first man in a daughter’s life and the first man to show her what love is. He is her superhero. He makes a huge impact on his daughter’s life. I am thankful for the positive and loving impact you have made on mine.

Thank you for all the sacrifices you have made for me and now for Vasant and Meera. Words will never be able to describe how grateful we are to have a father like you. Our feelings of love for you are immeasurable.

Everyone knows and talks about how much you have achieved academically and professionally, but what you should be most proud of is your role as Dad. My childhood is filled with wonderful memories of you. I remember being tucked in at night and kissed good-bye before I left for school. I remember you taking us to the park to roller-skate or the pools for a swim. I remember the countless cuddles and piggy-back rides. I remember you driving me 100 meters to school to ensure we didn’t get wet in the rain. I remember the late nights writing essays, which you checked and assisted me with invaluable suggestions. When I was exhausted and ready to give up, you encouraged me and kept me going with cups of tea. I remember every time you selflessly did what I wanted, never seeking anything in return. I remember every display of overwhelming patience and grace you showed me when I was at my worst. I remember it all because it lives in my heart forever. We now feel the strength of that presence with Siddharth, Avita and Meera. In Meera’s words … “Nana you are amazing”.

I hope you understand how important you are to Vasant, Meera and myself, and will be to your newest grandchild, and how much we love you. When asked whose daughter I am – without hesitation, I’m proud to say I’m Ajit Swaran Singh’s daughter, the man who came from humble beginnings and has shown us all where hard work, dedication, perseverance and love can get you.

I’ll always be your little girl, your Princess!

Shobita Singh-Patel, Vasant Patel, Meera Patel and your soon to arrive grandchild

Judge Ajit Singh with Manjeet Kaur Singh

Manjeet Singh and Family

Dearest Mama: Having been well nurtured by your grandparents, parents (my grandparents), and extended family, you personify truth, integrity, and humility. You exemplify values that you mother (Amma), and our entire family, are very proud of.

Hailing from a very humble farming background, with heritage emanating from Girmitya maternal grandparents and pioneer paternal grandparents, your lifetime achievements are far beyond their wildest dreams.

From your school days, you had taken responsibilities far beyond your age, selflessly helping those in need, including family members, relatives, friends, and the community. You are an epitome of compassion and mentor for our youth. You have generously given your invaluable time to lecture at the University of the South Pacific and, since 2008, as Visiting Foundation Professor, at the University of Fiji. Despite your very busy schedule, you provide free educational lectures at conferences and community events on social issues, including family violence, mental health, suicide prevention, child abuse, elder abuse, and racially motivated crimes.

Above all, you have personally provided me with unwavering support, for which I am truly grateful. Likewise, you have generously helped all our family, friends, and the community at large. This, amongst all else, makes this 70th a special moment.

You are an inspiration for us all and for those whose lives you have touched. Your father, late Sardar Swaran Singh, would have been very proud of your monumental achievements. His blessings will always be with us. Amma is immensely proud of you.

Our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation Mama, for the sterling support you have given to me, our family, the legal fraternity, your students, and the community. You are our mentor and role model. Generations to come will emulate you and your achievements.

Lots of Love and Best Wishes from

Manjeet Singh, Jiten Singh, Jashneel Singh and Krishneel Singh and Ajeet Kaur and Pritam Kaur (Amma) and the Singh family

Krishn and Vanu Lal

Krishn and Vanu Lal

Five words that aptly sum up our Ajit: Family, Generosity, Community, Commitment And Travel. The first four have been the hallmark of all entire life, and the last one has become part of his later life.

Ajit is a dedicated family person who extended this commitment and generosity to not only his family, but to the wider local, national, and international communities.

Ajit always has time for everyone, irrespective of who the person might be. He has a demanding daily schedule. He always starts his day off at 5 am with a morning swim, followed by a full days’ work and then attends to his social and family commitments. One must wonder where he harnesses this physical and mental strength to begin the next day with the same zest and rigour.

I have known Ajit for the past 55 years and he has always been this way – full of energy and life. When I am at his place, it is my second home. We have a great conversation over sumptuous food prepared by my youngest sister Subhag.

I recall that Subhag and Ajit met in Wellington in December 1972 when she was on a work exchange scheme through the University of the South Pacific. Ajit fell head over heels in love with Subhag and after 5 months of knowing each other, they married in May 1973.

Family is central to this 70-year-old young man. He always has time for his mum, his wife, his children and grandchildren and the extended family with who he has generously settled in Auckland. He also keeps in contact with those not living in Auckland. There are no favourites; humility runs through his psyche.

His achievements are incredible, both on a personal and professional level, as well as what he has given back to society. His level of intense commitment to everything he does in his life started from his school days in Labasa, Fiji.

His years have been well spent, with a purpose. He has no doubt made a real difference to those who he has connected with.

The jury is not out there deciding – the verdict is in! Ajit has been and ALWAYS will be, a beautiful human being who has touched the lives of not only us but so many others who we do not know.

Happy 70th birthday. Wishing you and your life partner many more years of this beautiful journey of life with great health and service to the community.

Krishn Lal, Vanu Lal, Anushka Lal, Kaushik Lal and Amy Eshuys and the Lal Family

Kishore and Maya Bhuta

Kishore and Maya Bhuta

Hari Bol Ajit: What we focus on outside reflects what we feel inside

Our connection started through our children but quickly transformed into a relationship based on friendship, trust, and respect.

Your zest for life, respect for the people around you, and the community you live in personifies the person you are.

You have come a long way, from humble beginnings in Fiji to achieving your well-deserved status as a highly respected leader, mentor, and a steward in New Zealand.

Your authenticity defines you, and we are proud and privileged to pay tribute to you on your 70th birthday. 

Take a bow for the 70 years lived so far and enjoy the very long encore that awaits. Be proud of the life lived, the communities served, and obstacles overcome. 

Embrace the love and attention that will be showered upon you by your loved ones.

Leave your humility aside and allow yourself a moment to savour these 70 years lived because you thoroughly deserve it.

We take this opportunity to wish you a very happy 70th birthday.

When I was looking through our family album today, I saw photos of our beautiful grandchildren. They will always bind us in the most beautiful manner. They are a constant source of happiness for us. 

Pragji and Mistry Family

Pragji and Mistry Family

Happy Birthday Ajit to our brother and mama

Ajit is a dear elder brother and beloved Mama to our daughters. He has always been a positive role model to us all. A guiding figure in many ways. 

Ajit has been with us through thick and thin, always shedding light and wisdom upon us with these extensive life experiences. We migrated from Fiji at a very early age and had Ajit’s moral support and advice throughout.

He particularly has a special place in the hearts of our daughters and their bond over the years has been a strong one.

Deepal and Sonal are grateful that their dear Mama was able to walk down them down the wedding aisle as they embarked on such a major milestone under his wing. There is a beautiful photo in Sonal’s wedding album of Ajit talking to Sonal as she is just about to walk down the aisle and congratulating her on the wonderful journey that lies ahead.

He has continued to provide mentorship to us all over the years and has been a strong pillar in our family. We hold many fond memories together, particularly our shared love for our fur animals, Rajah, Rajah Jr and Simba. 

Ajit is extremely hardworking and passionate about helping those in need. The foundation of his career has primarily been based on helping others. As a family, we strive upon such work ethic and values. 

Happy 70th birthday Ajit. We love you and are blessed to have you in our lives. We wish you only the best on this milestone birthday. 

Love from: Mahen, Tarun and Komal Pragji; Sonal, Sanjil and Sanah Mistry; Deepal, Pranesh and Rohan Raniga

Adwin Awadh and Pritash Dutt (The Dutt Family)

Adwin Awadh and Pritash Dutt (The Dutt Family)

Many happy returns of the day to our very special brother and mama

A very happy 70th birthday to a quintessential legend.

You are a source of inspiration and motivation for our upcoming generations.

We appreciate and value your contribution to our family and your ongoing support.

Love From: PC Dutt, Prakash Dutt, Pranit Dutt and Navneet Dutt; Pritash Dutt, Adwin Awadh, Aaryan Awadh, Aarjun Awadh and Aanvi Awadh; Neelam Jan, Sam Jan and Arryn Jan

Karnal Singh and others

Karnal Singh and others

Happy 70th birthday to an amazing brother, brother-in-law and Tayaji

You cannot help getting older, but you don’t have to get old.

It’s time to celebrate your life and enjoy your dreams.

We hope you have a great day today. We hope that the year ahead is full of many blessings. Thank you for always being there for us. You are our strength and inspiration.

Nanak Naam Chardi Kala, teraa bhane sarbat da bhala

Lots of love, hugs, and best wishes for many happy years to come.

From Karnal Singh, Pardeep Singh, Hardeep Singh, Amrit Singh, Harpreet Bassi, Kamal Booth and Adam Booth

Jagdish Singh, Priya Singh, Jagjeet Singh, Manpreet Kaur, Peter Broad, Kiran Broad and Milin Broad; Surjeet Singh, Asha Singh, Harneet Singh, Asha (junior) Singh, Manreet Singh and Nico Singh

Prem Singh and others

Prem Singh and others

Happy Birthday to a wonderful brother

My dearest brother Ajit, we wish you the most wonderful 70th birthday. On this occasion, I would like to thank you for all the wonderful things you have done for me. I am forever grateful.

May Waheguru bless you with good health and happiness always.

Lots of Love and Best Wishes from Prem Singh and Amarjit Singh and family


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