Gary Brown launches Re-imagined vision for Auckland

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The Mayoral-hopeful sets policies on five pillars

Auckland Mayoral Candidate Gary Brown (Photo Supplied)

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Auckland, May 1, 2022

What is the answer to the challenges ahead for Auckland?

Mayoral Candidate Gary Brown believes that he has the answer.

Launching his campaign document ‘Your Auckland: A Re-imagined Vision for Tāmaki Makaurau, Auckland,’ the strategies behind his policies lean on something many Aucklanders have been asking for:’Good old common sense.’

The document, available for download from his website, shares ‘I plan to go back to basics, get the foundations sorted first, then launch into a growth plan, reuniting our people, our communities and our businesses again.’

Experienced Aucklander

With more than 50 years of lived experience as an Aucklander, Gary, a long-standing businessman, father of five children and Chairman of the Hibiscus and Bays Local Board, grew up in Pukekohe but for many years has called Orewa home.

The success of New Zealand starts with Auckland
(Photo from Gary Brown’s Policy Document)

He said, “I love Auckland but there are aspects of our city that we all find frustrating, so I am stepping in because it is time for change.”

With policies created around five key pillars, the document shares both insights and education around what Council does and is responsible for, as well as ideas on what Auckland can achieve.

“I feel that it is important for all Aucklanders to understand the responsibilities of what we as counsellors can actually do, with ideas around how we can address key issues, and look at more efficient practices within Council, both to enhance productivity as well as improving our financial position,” he said.

“In some cases, local issues could be dealt with more effectively at the local board level, by empowering each board to more actively participate in key decision-making processes or project management in their area. I believe our greatest assets are our people, so with improved practices around consultation and communication Council-wide, together we can do more for our constituents and improve productivity, governance and quality of life,” Gary said.

With policies covering Auckland’s finances, infrastructure, social issues and governance, Gary’s vision states that ‘when a good business gets its foundations right first, growth is inevitable.’

Infrastructure development

“By focusing on improving our infrastructure, you will get to work faster – as an example. By focusing on better governance at the Local Board level, progress in your area should be faster, more efficient, and more economical. By focusing on our financial future, we can objectively look at the shortfalls, make plans to recover our losses and look at the opportunities to grow revenue while still moving forward to create a better Auckland for everyone. By focussing on our people and creating space for open conversation and collaboration, we can reunite what feels like a somewhat fractured city, again. It just makes sense.”

Gary believes that ‘Growth occurs when you get the foundations right, when you have an exciting vision and the people – not behind you, but right beside you,’ encouraging Aucklanders to become more vocal about what is not working for them and their vision for Auckland.

“This is my Auckland, and it is also Your Auckland. We cannot continue to do things the same way and expect different results. What we can do is provide a platform for people to become more vocal and more involved in shaping the future of our city so it is a place that they feel proud to live in and their quality of life is better. The way to do that is to get involved, vote and be part of that change,’ Gary said.

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