Fin-Ed Centre launches financial literacy Survey for youth

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Dr Pushpa Wood

Dr Pushpa Wood

Wellington, August 11, 2021

                                                                                      Image from Massey News

Think you know all about AfterPay?

How about your credit card from your debit card?

It is these sorts of questions, and more, that the Massey Financial Education and Research (Fin-Ed) Centre wants high school students to answer to help gauge the financial literacy of the youth of New Zealand.

That’s why, we are launching the ‘Test your Financial Pulse’ Survey, which aims to gather insights as well as raise awareness of key aspects of money management.

The Survey is being launched as a part of ‘Money Week.’

Capacity to manage finances

The Survey has been designed to assess a person’s capacity to manage finances and should highlight which areas are flourishing and the areas in which a person may need assistance.

We want to be financially capable to be something that our youth aspire to and taking our Survey will highlight to them the areas of money management in which perhaps they are not very capable.

The survey covers topics including spending, credit, debt, saving and investing.

The information gathered from the Survey will help the Fin-Ed Centre in future endeavours. The insights that we will gain from the Survey will help to inform the educational programmes we create and help us to understand attitudes towards finance and money in this demographic.

The information gathered through this Survey will complement the insights that the Centre has been collecting through its longitudinal study and financial health checks of Massey University students.

Free online course

The Fin-Ed Centre currently offers a free online course, ‘Making your money work for you,’ to all students enrolled in Massey University programmes.

The Fin-Ed Centre plans to provide a similar free course for high school students nationwide, and they’re currently exploring sponsorship/collaboration opportunities for the course.

The Massey Fin-Ed Centre works to help New Zealanders become more financially savvy by improving their knowledge, attitudes and behaviour towards money.

The Centre is globally unique for the breadth of its work around financial capability, covering education, research and consultancy. It undertakes research and evaluation programmes as well as run courses and professional development programmes for both groups and individuals in personal financial management.

The survey is available online here and is open to high school students in years 12-13.

The survey is completely anonymous.

Dr Pushpa Wood is Director of Fin-Ed Centre of Massey University. She lives in Wellington.
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