Donations sought to support students at University of Fiji

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Anjeet Singh (Photo Supplied)

Staff Reporter
Auckland, June 15, 2022

Anjeet Singh (Anj) is a Barrister from Auckland, New Zealand. She is raising funds as part of the “For Fiji” campaign she is currently running in conjunction with the Auckland Women Lawyers’ Association (AWLA).

Anj is following in the footsteps of her father, Judge Ajit Swaran Singh, who has been an avid supporter of promoting access to education in Fiji.

He has taught at The University of Fiji on a pro-bono basis from 2008 to date and is a regular contributor of law books to The University of Fiji.

There was already a scarcity of resources in Fiji for students attending university and the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has meant that many students are not able to access even the limited resources that were previously available to them.

Anj is raising money to support students attending ‘The University of Fiji.’

She said, “The donations will be used to buy and donate textbooks and learning resources.”

Anj hopes that enough money is raised to also provide deserving female students with funds to assist with the payment of their tuition fees.

Indian Newslink has always generously supported the initiatives put forward by members of our community. I encourage our readers to provide financial support towards helping students in Fiji to obtain access to the education that they deserve. Donations can be made directly to the AWLA bank account:

Please use “Fiji” as a reference.

Scholarship Programme for women

Our Editor adds (from our May 1, 2022 Issue)

Auckland Women Lawyers’ Association (AWLA) is inviting applications from eligible women to apply for its Scholarship Programme 2022.

The Auckland Women Lawyers’ Association Team (from left) Khushbu Sundarji, Anoushka Bloem, Simone Arcand, Anjeet Singh, Erica Burke, Lanu Faletau, Karlene O’Halloran. Others not in the picture include Natalie Harre, Sophie Thoreau, Kesia Denhardt, India Townsend, Emma Moss, Brigette Shone, Heena Gherra and Menka Kumar (Photo Supplied)

Association President Anoushka Bloem said that applicants should be financially challenged women seeking admission at the Auckland Law School.

“The Association will fund a student up to $5000 per year for four years to help them through the University. We also intend to mentor, support, champion and work with these scholars as they progress through their studies, and into the profession. We hope to create a community of AWLA scholars who can support those who come after them. We know we can count on the support of the AWLA community to champion these women, and we look forward to sharing updates on their progress in due course,” she said.

Ms Bloem, who practices criminal defence, is the Founder of Bloem & Associates.

She said that the Scholarship programme is being funded by AWLA.

“Our Association has sponsored several scholarships for women law students and practitioners. Since 2000, our primary scholarship is the annual Margaret Wilson scholarship awarded at our Annual General Meeting. We also offer a writing prize,” she said.

For further information, please visit

About the Association

Established in July 1984, the Auckland Women Lawyers’ Association is a representative organisation of women involved in the legal profession including judges, solicitors, barristers, corporate counsel, law students and community representatives.

It addresses legal issues affecting its members and New Zealand women and children and provides a forum for women lawyers in Auckland to strengthen contacts. Its activities include submissions to Parliament on issues such as paid parental leave, domestic violence and relationship property and organising various other programmes and social events.

Ms Bloem said that as a highly respected organisation, AWLA is supported by the Auckland District Law Society, the New Zealand Law Society, the New Zealand Bar Association, the New Zealand Association of Women Judges and many law firms in Auckland.

“We advocate for women and have written submissions on law reform and briefed counsels to act as amicus curiae in proceedings having significance for women such as the 1997 case of Ruka v Department of Social Welfare. Our Association represents the interests and highlights the issues affecting women solicitors, barristers, judges, in-house counsel, law students and community representatives in the legal profession today,” she said.

Anjeet Singh, a Senior Criminal Defence Lawyer and a Member of the AWLA Team said that the Association operates a mentoring scheme connecting more experienced lawyers with those looking for guidance and career support in the same or similar area of practice.

“Every year our Association conducts programmes aimed at upskilling, uniting and inspiring women lawyers and others who share our interests. Some of our programmes in recent years have included workshops, educational seminars, fundraising events and lectures,” she said.

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