Cherie Taylor-Patel chosen as Principals’ Federation chief

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Cherie Taylor-Patel (Photo Supplied)

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Wellington, January 23, 2022

The New Zealand Principals’ Federation (NZPF) has elected Cherie Taylor-Patel as their President for 2022.

Ms Taylor-Patel will be the official spokesperson for the Federation on all issues relating to the compulsory school sector including leadership, curriculum, learning and assessment, staffing and parity issues, learning support, Covid-19 related issues, principal professional learning and development and the international principals’ community.

She has extensive experience as a school Principal and brings deep knowledge and understanding of contemporary education issues.

About the Principals’ Federation.

The New Zealand Principals’ Federation has a forty-year history of publicly articulating the educational views of its members, who are principals leading schools in primary, middle and secondary schools.

According to the official website, the NZPF, is driven by its ethical responsibilities to do everything in its power to ensure that every child in New Zealand has the right to access an education that is best suited to their abilities and circumstances; to keep the well-being and safety of every child in our schools at the forefront and to support principals to provide the school culture necessary for every child to succeed.

“To achieve these aims, principals rely on government policies and Ministry practices to match our intentions. Our role is to support those policies and practices that work well for our education system and speak out against those that create barriers to the learning progress of our young people,” it says.

Engagement with the government

The Federation says that from time to time, it surveys principals to be sure that it is representing a majority view. The Federation engages in all legislative and policy changes by using the public submission channels.

The President meets regularly with all sector heads and Ministers and we work hard to build strong relationships with these people to ensure robust and honest debate.

“We communicate with members regularly through a weekly electronic newsletter and always welcome feedback. We also publish a quarterly magazine ‘New Zealand Principal’ to keep members informed, to celebrate great teaching and leading practice, to share current research findings and to provide thoughtful and critical opinion pieces,” the website says.

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