Bus Lane rule explained

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Motorists making a left turn can use the lane marked for Buses provided they are about 50 metres to the turning point.

This concession will apply only on roads that do not have a left turn marking on the middle section.

Auckland City District Road Policing Manager Inspector Gavin McDonald said this rule has been enforced to make sure that buses carrying passengers could travel with as little restrictions as possible and run on time.

His response was to an Indian Newslink query based on a number of readers complaining that they had received infringement notices from the Auckland City Council, with $150 fine.

City Councils enforcing this rule are now looking at ways to indicate to the public where the 50 metres begins, Inspector McDonald said.

“This would include signs and road markings and make it fairer for people who complain that they cannot judge the 50 metre distance,” he said.

The ‘Bus Lane’ rule apparently applies to all major cities in the country but there have been more complaints from the Auckland City Council region than others in recent weeks.

Crossing Traffic Lights

Some readers had also expressed concern over the infringement notices they had received for crossing traffic lights, which showed Amber.

Inspector McDonald said drivers must stop when the traffic lights flash Amber provided they are able stop safely and without causing an accident.

“If they cannot do so, they can then proceed through the intersection. This is based on a car travelling at the correct speed,” he said.

He said drivers would receive an infringement notice if they sped up to get through the intersection in anticipation of beating the upcoming red light.

“The penalty for running a red or amber light is $150,” Inspector McDonald said.


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