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Bouquets and brickbats with a smile

One of the most endearing aspects of a Newspaper is reader response to a host of issues but most important of all, their take on the publication itself. Since we began our journey 11 years ago, we made it a point to edit or even omit accolades but carry criticisms without redaction. Editor’s Mail in Indian Newslink is considered one of the liveliest in the Newspaper. Unfortunately, over the past year, we have been constrained to withhold this section in view of paucity of space. However, we hope to run this regularly henceforth, for nothing gives us greater pleasure than to get to know your views on matters and let other know and encourage them to react. Keep those letters coming; here is a selection of more than 100 letters that we received on our Anniversary. Thanks!

Include indigenous scripts

I have been a regular reader of Indian Newslink since its launch 11 years ago. I like the information and style of presentation; it makes good reading.

What I would like to see is a section of the paper dedicated to Hindi readers. Stories could be published using ‘Devanagari’ fonts. I like poetry and Shayari and hence a section devoted to Kavita (Poems).

Indian Newslink is a national Newspaper and hence should be geared for local community news. It is however a very good Newspaper and has wide readership.

Anand Naidu, President, Waitakere Indian Association, Waitakere

I have been a regular reader of Indian Newslink for the past three years. The Newspaper has been a frequent provider of appealing news, with ample coverage of different issues. Community events and opinion columns are some of my favourites.

Amongst many of the valuable resources available in the newspaper, Education & Training and Businesslink sections are renowned for providing accurate and up-to-date information. I have recommended these links to some of our community members.

The Web edition is especially convenient for those who cannot get the print versions, as easily from the allocated distribution centres, and that is only because other avid readers have beaten us to collect the newspapers.

The fact that Indian Newslink will celebrate its 11th Anniversary on November 15, 2010 is a solid testament that people in New Zealand have embraced this Newspaper as one of their favourites.

On behalf of the Christchurch Indian community, my heartiest congratulations to the entire team at Indian Newslink. We look forward to reading more from your outstanding publication.

Andrew Dominic, Member, Christchurch Kerala Indian Association, Christchurch

It is with great pleasure and a deep sense of satisfaction that I congratulate the team at Indian Newslink, the Newspaper with the largest readership among the Indian Community, on completing yet another successful year in the service of our community.

Bringing awareness of issues concerning all of us has been the driving force behind this publication and the quality of the matter has been wonderful.

I wish to acknowledge my appreciation to Indian Newslink for establishing the Indian Business Awards that have provided Indian businesses a great platform for exposure.

My best wishes to Ravin Lal, Venkat Raman and the team.

Dr Anil Channa, Howick, Manukau

I truly enjoy reading Indian Newslink. My husband and I share pages of the Newspaper, as both of us want to read it as soon as we get it! I appreciate the positive stories of success, family values, education, and admire the creativity and talent amongst the youth in our community.

Dr Aruna Shekar, Massey University, Albany Campus, Auckland

We wish to congratulate the team at Indian Newslink on your 11th Anniversary. We are proud to be associated with this Newspaper for the past one decade. The publication has taken up the cause of the Indian Diaspora, whenever it was needed and is known for its fair coverage. We wish you all the best in the coming years.

Ashok Bhatia and the team of A B International Ltd, Auckland

Be more responsible

Indian Newslink is the foremost Newspaper catering to the needs of the ever-expanding Indian community in New Zealand.

In the last few years, this publication has contributed greatly to improving the awareness among Indians about the activities of the Indian community at the micro level and about the activities of the general Kiwi society at the macro level. This has helped the Indian community greatly in integrating itself into the general New Zealand society. Reporting in the Newspaper has been responsible, thoughtful and educative.

As a musician taking great interest in the Indian Classical Music scene, there were times when I felt that perhaps Indian Newslink could do more to spread the awareness of classical music among the Indian Diaspora. Thankfully, the Newspaper has now corrected this oversight and it is heartening to see Indian Newslink covering classical music events regularly. Well done Indian Newslink, keep up the good work and wish you all the best for the future.

Dr Ashok Malur, Violin Master and President, New Zealand Carnatic Music Society, Auckland

Heartening improvements

Although I do not hail from India, I have been a reader of Indian Newslink for the past ten years. I have also used it successfully over the last seven years to advertise and reach the wider Indian community as a media and communication professional.

The Newspaper’s well-written articles cover a range of topics and are of interest to not only Indians but also to others like me from the South Asian countries. The drawcard encourages me to pick up a copy at my local Indian grocery every other week. I like the ability to access it online if I miss an issue.

It is heartening to see the improvements made over time, such as the focus on business and community issues. I like the way it promotes and profiles successful Kiwi Indians and other migrants and the way it covers issues ranging from racism to food and fashion.

I can enjoy reading the Newspaper from various angles; as a Sri Lankan migrant, a professional, a wife and a mother who is interested in community issues.

I wish Indian Newslink and its tireless editor Venkat Raman all the very best on the 11th Anniversary.

Asoka Basnayake, Writer& Broadcaster, Deputy Chair, Migrant Action Trust, Auckland

Erudite & engaging

A good book is like having a conversation with the finest people. This is what comes to mind after I browse through my copy of Indian Newslink. The effort, expertise and enthusiasm of the professionals behind the publication are truly commendable. The quality of the articles is both erudite and engaging.

For all immigrants of Indian origin who still carry India in their hearts, this Newspaper helps to bring the community closer together. The paper carries articles on a range of latest events including politics, business, education, entertainment and sports from both India and New Zealand. It is a well-respected and read publication, which also acts as a platform for grievances and addresses concern of the Indian community.

The editorial staff strives ceaselessly to ensure that the paper maintains its relevance, freshness and high standards to bring to us independent news, reports and opinions. Its readership is large and growing, largely due to the integrity with which the paper is presented.

I congratulate the publishers and the editorial staff of Indian Newslink on the occasion of its 11th anniversary and wish it continued success in the future.

Chandan Ohri, Partner, IT Advisory KPMG Risk Advisory Services, Auckland

I extend my warm greetings to the Editor and Publisher Indian Newslink in achieving a milestone in informing not only the Indian community but other ethnicities as well.

I take a few copies of the Newspaper to the Prison where I work. Our staff and inmates regularly read this Newspaper and cannot wait until the next issue is published.

I am also a regular contributor of articles and reports. I have found Indian Newslink to be an Institution with a heart, ready to help people facing hardships and those affected by natural disasters in India, Pakistan and Fiji.

I still remember that until a few years ago, people used to wait for a month to get some news from Fiji or India. We are pleased that Indian Newslink became a fortnightly. We would now like to see it every week.

Faiyaz Khan, Howick, Manukau

Make it Weekly

When I arrived in New Zealand in 1996, one of the first things I did was to look out for a publication that highlighted the great Indian culture, values and tradition in this great multicultural country. I was therefore delighted when Indian Newslink was launched in November 1999. Since then, I have been a regular reader of its print and online editions.

Indian Newslink has earned the respect for its unbiased reporting. Editor Venkat Raman deserves applause for his talent, true professionalism. He is undoubtedly one of the main pillars of strength.

Where to from here? The answer is, “A beautiful blue horizon is up there at the far, go for it.” A cross-section of New Zealanders anxiously wait for every issue. I sincerely wish that the Newspaper became a weekly.

George Abraham, Former President, Christchurch Kerala Indian Association, Christchurch

I am a regular reader of Indian Newslink since last 10 years. It is the best Newspaper, which represents Indian culture. I am sure that many Indian business people are benefited by the coverage it gives for their promotion. Various sections maintained by the Newspaper are educative to readers. To the best of my knowledge, Indian Newslink does not take any one’s side when a debatable issue arises, expressing its clear opinion. It remains unbiased.

This Newspaper is always the first in covering all pre and post cultural events, with real criticism. As an event organiser, I closely follow the coverage of various cultural events, reviews and the consistency in its quality. Its encouragement to the younger generation is amazing. It helps the real worthy people to improve their skills.

In addition to above all, the introduction of the Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards is a real boost for the best performance for small, medium and large Indian businesses.

I congratulate Indian Newslink promoters, Editor and other staff for its high quality professional job and wish them best of luck to maintain its supremacy in the news media.

Govardhan Mallela, Chartered Accountant & Director, Sangeetha Bharathi Music School, Auckland

Not a scandal sheet

I have been a regular reader of Indian Newslink for the last five years and I became a columnist a few months ago. The predominant quality of this Newspaper is the superb language of the Editor. This Newspaper does not believe in sensational or scandalous news and emphasises on authentic and genuine local, national and international news. The coverage of politics, current affairs, education, business, community sports and other events with exclusive analysis is commendable.

Indian Newslink is the brightest star in the firmament of Indian publications in New Zealand. Congratulations and wish you all the best!

Joseph Kuriakose (Jomichen), Mt Roskill, Auckland

Congratulations Ravin Lal, Venkat Raman and the Indian Newslink team for this wonderful journey of 11 years and wish you the best in serving our community with a balanced view for the years to come.

We have been were told, “The Pen is mightier than the Sword,’ which has been proved on several occasions. The Editor’s Pen has been mightier than any nuclear weapon!

It was due to the efforts of Indian Newslink that tardy services and the unfriendly attitude of some officials at the Indian High Commission in Wellington improved. It was the Newspaper’s investigative reporting and a beautiful article that changed the culture at the Mission. They were given a timely reminder that they are here to serve the people.

Today we have to commend the efficient staff at the Indian High Commission. Applications for consular services are processed quickly and in most cases the services are rendered with friendliness and promptness.

We must thank the Publisher and Editor of Indian Newslink for this remarkable feat.

Ilango Krishnamoorthy, Mercury Printz, Manukau, Auckland

There is no doubt that Indian Newslink is an enormously important vehicle for communicating news, current affairs, social happenings, opinion and debate within the New Zealand Indian Community.

The calibre and the community respect shared by the regular contributors, combined with the level and depth of insight that they provide on contemporary issues is to be applauded.

From my perspective, one of the most important achievements of Indian Newslink is that it serves as a bridge and conduit to the broader Auckland community.

I would certainly like to see this further developed and expanded and I suggest that increasing the circulation beyond the mainstream Indian community should be a major goal as issues of true multiculturalism become even more relevant in New Zealand.

Peter Gee, General Manager, Stamford Plaza Auckland

As a regular long-time reader of Indian Newslink, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the team for the long and undoubtedly arduous road it has travelled while attempting to uphold the highest ideals of traditional print media. I know this Newspaper has been a tremendous source of information for people from Fiji. Many have told me that they would enjoy my columns in Indian Newslink even though I have been writing elsewhere. This clearly shows the place that this Newspaper holds among the readers. Keep up the good work!

Subhash Appana, Writer and Commentator on Fiji Affairs, Auckland

In Brief

I always read your Newspaper from the first to the last page because I get a lot of information on several matters. The people from the Subcontinent are fortunate to get an excellent newspaper free.

S Sarma, Mt Albert, Auckland

Indian Newslink is one of the best community newspapers in Australasia. It is professionally prepared, edited and circulated free.

V Siva, One Tree Hill, Auckland

Indian Newslink is a very good newspaper because its coverage is excellent and the language used is A1. The business community supports the newspaper because the advertisements, besides being colourful, reach the people.

M Selvan, Howick, Auckland

I always wait for the arrival of the newspaper and start with the first page first, followed by the editorials, and the rest. I lived in Australia for three years but never came across a good newspaper like Indian Newslink.

V Ganesh, Greenlane, Auckland

Indian Newslink is replete with articles of general interest, including current affairs, politics, world coverage, health, legal matters, property market, youth news, community news and many others.

K Kumar, Mt Roskill, Auckland

Absolute Rubbish!

You may have completed 11 years but you are still not a first-class newspaper like the New Zealand Herald. Indian Newslink lacks in-depth reporting on many issues.

Manjula R, Mt Roskill, Auckland

I do not know what is there to congratulate. Indian Newslink is a waste of time but I still read it every fortnight.

A reader from New Windsor, Auckland

Don’t call yourself a newspaper. It is a disgrace.

HS and three others, Henderson, West Auckland

Whenever I see your newspaper, I get annoyed. There is nothing worthwhile to read.

Mohammed Z, Te Atatu, Waitakere

Indian Newslink is not available two days after it is released. You must improve your circulation. We get frustrated.

Madhukar Kulkarni, Auckland City (also from RS, Epsom, Rashmi Rai, Mt Roskill, M Vikramasena, Takapuna and Mohammed Mustafa, Henderson)

Your special features (Halal, Papatoetoe and others in the past) are very long and boring. You must remove these and give us more news instead.

Ramanathan R, Mt Eden, Auckland

You are a traitor to write bad things about India, Indians and about people being punished for crimes they commit. Leave it to others. I hate Indian Newslink.

Harbhajan Singh, South Auckland

Everything is bad in your newspaper- your English, layout and printing. There is nothing to congratulate in Indian Newslink.

A reader from Newtown, Wellington

(Editor’s Note: The above letter, in its original format was 400 words long, with 24 construction and spelling errors. It carried expletives, which could not be published).

Your Models of the Fortnight are as bad as your newspaper. Give us more Bollywood news, who wants to read the rest of the nonsense that you write?

Khalil Ismail, Mangere, Auckland

Editor’s Note: We have published all the brickbats received without altering the views of those who sent them. But a few had to be toned down since they contained abusive and abrasive language, not suitable for publication.


A good read but not enough –Shiv Kumar, Auckland

Homelink reports are daring – Neena Bhatia, Auckland

Your editorials are thought-provoking- Edwin Coelho, Auckland

It is unfair to pick on Indians sentenced in courts- Padmanathan, Auckland

Not enough on Sri Lanka –Latheef Farook, Otahuhu, Auckland

More crime reports needed –Gunaseelan R, Wellington

Put more punch in your reports –Mathi Lazarus, Wellington

Promote our cultural heritage –Rohan K, Wellington

Start Travellink please. –Murugesan M Auckland

Be more responsible – Kris Rezel, Pakuranga, Auckland

Get us the paper here!- Manoj Singh, Fiji

Every issue is worth preserving – Somashri Gananayake, Wellington

Your newspaper is rubbish – SY, Auckland

Indian Newslink is a great newspaper – Mohan Joshi, Christchurch

I would like to have more news about Tamil Nadu – Periyasami, Auckland

Be broad-minded, constructive and courageous- Naiker, Christchurch

We will even pay for it! – R Mishra, Fiji

Improve production quality- Ronan Ratnanaike, Hamliton

Indian Newslink/Radio Tarana, a veritable combination-R Sharma, Auckland

Make it a weekly – Mala K, Auckland

Give us our fortnightly in print – S Kutty, Fiji

Please, let us have Indian Newslink every week – S Tulasingham and 12 others from Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton, Tauranga and Christchurch

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