Alternative Therapies to combat mental illness

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Pranoti Gupta

Laughter Club: Laughter is the best medicine. Laughing with a group for no reason might sound crazy but works wonders.

Tai chi, Yoga, Zumba: Any form of exercise incorporated into daily routine brings clarity.

Pranoti Gupta

Daily Journal: Allowing the flow of emotions daily on a piece of paper avoids harmful expression of anger, jealousy, guilt etc.

Affirmations, Chants: Creating positive energy and vibrations are important to attract and manifest the dreams.

Friends: Positive friends assist in stretching the comfort zone leading to growth.

Creativity: Pursue a passion or hobby (e.g. starting a Zumba class for women, greeting cards business, online shop)

Voluntary Work: Community contribution not only adds to the credentials on your CV but also eliminates bad Karma and leads other people to follow your footsteps. The more you give or offer your skills, fear of judgements, rejection, self- pity decreases and builds self- esteem, confidence.

Setting up a daily routine and intention for the day.

Control the demons of jealousy, anger, guilt, shame and resentments: Understand anger is stupid and can cause release of the stress hormones or cortisols in your body deteriorating the mental balance.

Working on bad habits, weaknesses and Addictions: Inner journey to self- discovery can lead to identifying the flaws and triggers.

Ask a friend or mentor to guide and hold you accountable.

Reward System: Treat yourself every time you achieve a goal.

Meditation and Reiki Healing Practices: Meditation helps calm the nervous system and helps to reflect on choices and releasing what doesn’t serve.

Accepting Challenges: Helps in emotional, spiritual, mental growth

Vision Board and Goal setting: Focus on different areas like health, finances, community, family, career and personal growth

Keeping Salt in different corners of house, lighting an incense stick and a lamp in the altar, keeping plants (no cactus or artificial plants) in the house, create positive energy and eliminates negativity

Nature is the best healer: Planning outdoor adventure, hiking, beach walks, walking barefoot on sand helps regularly help recharge and renew life.

Keep in mind, brighter days are ahead. Hope is only a wishful prayer but action will lead to victory and success. The answer is within you and not in the process.

Disclaimer: The above should be treated as suggestions. Please consult your GP or seek professional medical advise and those of experts before undertaking any of the above.

These remedies can be practiced along with the professional medical advice and are not a replacement for psychotherapy or counselling required.

Pranoti Gupta is a Refugees’ teacher based in Auckland with more than 23 years of teaching experience in India and New Zealand. A mother of two teenagers, she has faced serious health challenges and adverse circumstances with courage and determination. (Picture from LinkedIn).


Photo Caption:

  1. Laughter is the best medicine (Photo byNaassom Azevedo on Unsplash)
  2. Yoga is good for the mind and body (Photo byErik Brolin on Unsplash)

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