A tribute to our achievers and community veterans

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And why the American angst is no bother in New Zealand

Venkat Raman
Auckland, June 30, 2022

Forty-six men and women went home with a sense of pride and pleasance last week, having been honoured at the Eighth Annual Indian Newslink Sports, Community, Arts and Culture Awards, inspiring hundreds of others to strive towards similar achievements next year.

The event, held on June 20, 2022, at Mahatma Gandhi Centre in Auckland, recognised individuals and institutions, all of whom were applauded for the distinction that they had registered- some of them in sports as far back as 1970, some who are still in their teens- associations and those associated with them for having served our communities well, and a few who have enriched the fields of performing and non-performing arts.

Elite and Commemoration Awards

Along with four individuals who were presented with the Sports Elite Awards, ten others (three of them were organisations) were honoured with Special Commemoration Awards because they are precious to all of us in the community and indubitably for Indian Newslink. These people and organisations add dignity and honour to our Awards Programme. Their acceptance of the nominations was gratifying.

What makes our Awards distinct from others is that they are for everyday New Zealanders, who go about achieving feats and serving people without fanfare. Indian Newslink conscientiously makes the event affordable to people so that they can attend the Ceremony with their spouses, relatives, associates and friends.

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff received a Special Commemorative Award for his services to Auckland from Australia’s High Commissioner to New Zealand Harinder Sidhu (INL Photo by Narendra Bedekar)

Gratitude to Sponsors, Guests of Honour

As we saluted the people and their institutions for the honours they receive, we expressed our gratitude to our sponsors (Legal Associates, Link2 Group, Radio Tarana, Kripa Financial Solutions, Universal Granite and Marbles Limited, 0800Rachna, Humm FM, Space Designers, Aishwarya Entertainments Limited, The Trophy Centre, New Zealand Indian Central Association, Auckland Indian Association and the Federation of South Indian Associations New Zealand Inc.

We are grateful to Diversity, Inclusion and Ethnic Communities Minister Priyanca Radhakrishnan, Australia’s High Commissioner to New Zealand Harinder Sidhu, Auckland Mayor Phil Goff, Police Commissioner Andrew Coster, Members of Parliament Vanushi Walters, Dr Anae Neru Leavasa (Labour), Scott Simpson, Simeon Brown and Melissa Lee (National)  for their patronage and attendance.

The evening received added dignity and quality from our performers- students of Anuradha’s School of Indian Dances, Chenda Melam 345 of Kerala, The New Zealand Sri Lanka Dance Studio, The Wonder Girls, Rhythm Dance Academy and our Masters of Ceremonies Junoo Abhishek Sharma and Karthick RC.

Abortion is not an issue in New Zealand

America is fighting a war that was waiting to happen for 50 years.

Protesters across the country say that the decision of the Supreme Court on June 22, 2022, to take away women’s right to abortion was hypocritical, to say the least.

The landmark decision set aside the ruling given on January 22, 1973, in the Roe v Wade case.

The Justices at that time said that the Constitution of the United States generally protects a pregnant woman’s liberty to choose to have an abortion. The decision struck down many federal and state abortion laws and fuelled an ongoing abortion debate about whether, or to what extent, abortion should be legal, who should decide the legality of abortion and what should be the role of moral and religious views in the political sphere. It also shaped debate concerning the methods to be used by the Supreme Court in constitutional adjudication.

Protests have been widespread in the US over the Abortion Case (Image from NPR)

The law in New Zealand

The National Party of New Zealand, which is making headway in opinion polls mainly because of its charismatic Leader Christopher Luxon got into a controversy with Simon O’Connor, one of its MPs speaking in favour of the US Court decision. Mr Luxon quickly ordered that the O’Connor social media post be taken down and assured New Zealanders that a government under his leadership will not meddle with the existing laws.

Abortion in New Zealand is legal within the framework of the Abortion Legislation Act 2020, which permits the termination of pregnancy for up to birth and removed abortion from the Crimes Act 1961. Abortion is permitted after 20 weeks of pregnancy only if a health practitioner deems it clinically appropriate and consults at least one other health practitioner. Abortion is illegal only if a person who is not a licences health practitioner procurers or performs it.

In March this year, New Zealand implemented explicit ‘safe access zones’ by legislation around abortion clinics and hospitals.

While the Labour Party is strongly in favour of abortion and with strong sentiments expressed by formal National Party MPs, abortion will not be an issue.

These stories can be read in detail in our latest (July 1, 2022) Digital Edition. The issue carries our usual departments- Current Affairs, Politics, Education, Fiji News, Business, Open-Eds, Business, Community and Entertainment. We also have a two-page special feature with about 60 photographs of the Sixth Annual Indian Newslink Sports, Community, Arts and Culture Awards 2022. Please read and share the Edition with your family, friends, colleagues and associates.

-With Greetings from the Indian Newslink Team


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