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Indian Newslink Business Awards honour Excellence

Chip Dawson

Welcome to the Indian Newslink Business Awards 2021.

This is our 13th year of celebrating Excellence in the New Zealand South Asian and Fiji communities and 2021 will be a great year to share your success.

It is our great pleasure to invite you to join an outstanding group of businesses in achieving magnificent results in a time around the world characterised by lockdowns and falling economies, perpetrated by Covid-19. New Zealand has been amazingly resultant thanks to the efforts of the entire ‘team of five million.’

We encourage you to enter these Awards as it is a great opportunity for your entire team to celebrate your achievements and successes in 2021. You have until September 15, 2021 to complete your entry in the categories that are suitable for your business.

Extensive Categories

We are very excited about the categories and focus of the Awards this year as we have expanded the topics to include organisations that are doing business in both India and Fiji as well as other countries such as businesses (registered in New Zealand) owned, operated, managed or franchised by people from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Nepal.

Robust Judging Process

Our approach with the Panel of Judges has always been professional with the highest level of integrity and standards in the difficult process of selecting leading companies for their achievements. Our Judges have extensive experience in judging and evaluating top companies throughout New Zealand.

These Awards of Excellence build a closer team within the organisation and create an opportunity to identify exceptional staff with great talent within the companies for future leadership.

We will have a number of exciting announcements throughout the entry period so why not get your team together and enter the IBA Awards 2021?


Our Panel of Independent Judges

1.       Chip Dawson, Managing Director, International Business Management Ltd (Chairman of the Panel)

2.       Nevil Gibson Consultant (Retired Editor-in-Chief), The National Business Review

3.       Tony Bacon, M2M Consultant

4.       June McCabe, Director, Sustainable Prosperity

5.       Paul Gestro, ASB Consultant

6.       John Holley, General Manager, O & SASIT Limited

7.       Ann McKenzie, Consultant, Safe 365 Limited

8.        Clinton Swan, Consultant, RegulAItion

Recognising Excellence

The Indian Newslink Business Awards 2021 have been designed to recognise Excellence in 18 categories including individuals who display outstanding achievement in the fields of Entrepreneurship, Insurance, Accounting, and Mortgage Management.  We have identified an area of key concern for all New Zealanders such as Ethics and Social Responsibility as well as Health and Safety. The increasing importance of recognising women for their entrepreneurial excellence has encouraged us to create a special category since 2010.

We will conduct at least three workshops to assist organisations to understand the process of entering the Awards and building a strategic plan for the future in their business. These workshops continue to provide great value to the entire business community.

We will hold on November 29, 2021, a spectacular Black Tie Gala Dinner and Awards Night in Auckland to celebrate the winners in each category with an outstanding selection of highly distinguished politicians and guests who will applaud our finalists and winners.

The Independent Panel of Judges is looking forward to reviewing your business application as we start this exciting Indian Newslink Business Award 2021 season.

Kind regards,

Chairman of the Panel of Judges

Indian Newslink Business Awards 2021


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