Unacceptable delays disrupt traffic flow in East Auckland

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Reeves Road Flyover project hangs fire since 2006

Simeon Brown

Pakuranga needs Transport Certainty

2020 is shaping up to be a busy and exciting year.

Not only is it an election year, there are a number of significant issues which need addressing in Pakuranga. I looking forward to advocating them on your behalf.

Transport will remain at the top of my list.

Just this week, I met with Mayor Phil Goff to discuss the Auckland Manukau Eastern Transport Initiative (AMETI)-Eastern Busway Project, which is currently under construction between Panmure in Pakuranga.

Inordinate delays

The purpose of the meeting was to raise concerns about the timing of the project which East Auckland has been waiting for since 2006 when the project was first mooted, with the completion date in 2025.

Last year, Auckland Transport said there would be another delay in the planning for the Busway between Pakuranga and Panmure and a delay in construction of the Reeves Road Flyover.

My message to the Mayor was that the community needs certainty and wants to see action.

There is concern over Auckland Transports ability to deliver projects to announced timeframes.

The delay in construction of the Reeves Road Flyover could mean additional construction impacts on traffic as this will now likely be built at the same time as the Busway between Pakuranga and Botany. All through a busy transport corridor.

Land owners in Pakuranga affected by the Busway and Flyover need certainty so they can make development plans.

With a delay of another 18 months for Auckland Transport to finally decide where the new busway and Reeves Road Flyover will go, this impact on any plans these land owners may have and their ability to make final decisions.

Better communication needed

I also made it clear that the community expects better communication from Auckland Transport about this project going forward.

Whilst the Mayor does not have operational decision-making over Auckland Transport, I hope that my advocacy to him will ensure more accountability of the decisions Auckland Transport make in East Auckland and better engagement for our community in these decisions.

I will continue to advocate for better transport and more transport choice in Pakuranga and for certainty for the remaining stages of the Eastern Busway and Reeves Road Flyover.

I will also continue to work with Auckland Transport to ensure that the traffic can move while the construction is underway.

I was concerned by the extreme delays caused by lane closures on Pakuranga Road and Lagoon Drive during the week beginning January 13, 2020.

While everyone expects some delays due to new roads being constructed, these delays were unacceptable.

Simeon Brown is elected Member of Parliament from Pakuranga and National Party Associate Spokesperson for Education, Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment.
Photo Caption:

An artist’s impression of the Reeves Road Flyover


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