National partnership to promote Save a Life Campaign

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And a crowdfunding initiative with Indian Newslink
Elliot Steel
Auckland, October 5, 2018
World Restart a Heart Day, 16th October will be bigger than ever this year and will see St John New Zealand partnering with Fire & Emergency NZ, NZ Police, NZ Defence Force, Wellington Free Ambulance, the New Zealand Resuscitation Council and the Ministry of Health, all getting behind the campaign to increase public awareness about how we can all save a life.
Only one in 10 New Zealanders survive a cardiac arrest, and we can do better than that. When someone suffers a cardiac arrest, every second counts, and the chances of survival drop by 10% for every minute without CPR.

Fireman Mike O’Connor (left) and the St John Executive Leadership Team
(Picture Supplied)
Early bystander intervention with CPR can increase those chances of survival by more than 50%. When combined with AED (Automated External Defibrillator), those chances more than double!
This year’s Restart a Heart Day is encouraging everyone to find out where their nearest AED is. It could be your local ASB Branch, Z Station, New World or Sports Club. Schools and workplaces are being encouraged to visit and plan to save a life.
Fun Social Media Campaign
St John released a fantastic joint emergency services video, starring a Police Dog, on Facebook which you can help to promote.
St John also wants New Zealanders to take part in the AED awareness campaign by finding public access AED’s in their community and uploading photos of them to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with the Hashtag #RestartAHeart.
Sharing an AED location to social media could help to save a life, and improve the chances for the more than 2000 Kiwis who experience a cardiac arrest each year.
By increasing the numbers of trained members of the public learning the three simple steps to saving a life, we can all make a positive difference.
The Restart A Heart 3 Steps are Call 111; Push (Start CPR); Shock (Use an AED)
AED Installation
Over the last year or two, many local community groups have bought and installed AEDs (defibrillators) in and around their local neighbourhoods making it easy for people to use them whether at home, at work, or at play. The great thing about public access AED’s is that they talk you through what you need to do to help save a person’s life after you have called 111, while emergency services are on their way. You can buy yours now from our online shop at

‘Save a Life’ Campaign begins with public awareness
(Picture Supplied)

Unique to Indian Newslink
In another first, Indian Newslink readers have a unique chance to “come together” to contribute directly towards a new ambulance via the newspaper’s novel crowdfunding initiative.
Readers can help St John buy an ambulance for the community and help save lives, simply by donating at  or sending a cheque to St John, Private Bag 14902,  Panmure, Auckland (including your name, address and code Newslink).
St John Northern Region Fundraising & Marketing Manager Di Senior said that the charity is grateful to Indian Newslink for running such an innovative fundraiser.
“One ambulance can attend as many as 600 incidents each year, potentially saving 600 lives, so to get another ambulance in the community thanks to Indian Newslink readers would mean a huge deal to us. We really look forward to seeing how this crowdfunding initiative unfolds and as always, we appreciate any donations, big or small.”
Elliot Steel is External Relations Manager at St John.
Editor’s Note: Apologies to those who tried to donate through last year’s website link. This issue has now been resolved.

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