Looking yonder, we have reasons to smile

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New Year Greetings on a Positive Note

Venkat Raman

Welcome to 2020, and as we commence the New Year, kindly accept Greetings and best wishes from us in Indian Newslink to you, your family, friends, colleagues, associates and everyone involved with you.

We sincerely hope that Year 2020 will bring us greater opportunities to understand each other, work together to promote peace and harmony and usher in a new era of progress and prosperity to be experienced and enjoyed everyone across the Continents throughout this beautiful Planet.

A new Chapter in Human Relations

May Year 2020 also begin a new Chapter in human relations, remove barriers, restrictions and discriminations that we have ourselves imposed on each other and live in the strong belief that this world belongs to all of us and that everyone has the right to live, love, share and bring up the future generations with moral, cultural and social values.

The events of 2019 are behind us now but some of them will indubitably remind us of the fact that we as human beings, especially we as New Zealanders have the innate ability to come together in times of need; in times, when someone who we have never heard of before is in pain and we believe that we should share that pain. We also learnt that true joy rests in the genuine laughter that all of us bear- laughter that is shared.

New Zealand is one of the finest places on earth to live and raise a family. Millions of us, coming from various parts of the world for the past 180 years have demonstrated that this country is an epitome of hospitality, compassion, understanding, goodwill- everything in fact that makes life worth living.

Changing demography

True, our own demography is changing and we are seeing more people from more countries every year. We have grown in diversity and therefore in the need to raise the resources to sustain our living standards.

This need alone should intensify the spirit of oneness in us to work together and bring on the next generation that will be proud to carry on the legacy, perhaps enhancing it.

If you were to pause a while and look at the enormity of tasks that confront us and the poverty of our own contributions in containing them, we will realise that the ability to improve is within us. There is strength in combined effort; if you raise a hand, it can either strike a blow or join it with another to grow.

More, in that mood of introspection, you will find yourself in a small corner of this world. The feeling of being left out in a race towards recognition, the twinge of jealously and the feeling that someone is superior because of opulence or status- all those twists and taunts will vanish in the vast canvas of time unfolding before us.

The age to give and share

Year 2020 will bring us the age to give, to share and to reap the fruits of our efforts- not to take, grab and deny someone what Nature has given in bounty for all.

The years of agony and hatred should be buried, never to be exhumed.

This is not an entropy that postulates the absence of energy.

Energy we have in plenty, but it is in the orderliness of our own affairs that the future of this world, its countries and its people depends.

As Swami Vivekananda said, “We have muscles of iron, nerves of steel and minds of thunderbolt. Together, we can achieve a great many things. For us, and for those who will come after us. The world belongs to everyone.”

Once again, we wish you a Happier, Healthier and Friendlier New Year.


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