Local artists bring comic relief to a tense world

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Why the world needs more Slapsticks

New work by artists Lipika Sen & Prabhjyot Majithia
At the ‘NZ Sculpture on Shore 2018’
Fort Takapuna, 170 Vauxhall Rd, Narrow Neck, Auckland 0624In aid of Women’s Refuge
Concluding on November 18, 2018

A Special Correspondent

Contemporary artists Lipika Sen and Prabhjyot Majithia have done a hattrick.

They have got together for the third time at the New Zealand Sculpture on Shore 2018,’ currently running at Fort Takapuna, Auckland.

Their combined creative talent, titled, ‘The Slapsticks,’ are engaging the attention of people who evince interest on issues that are above mundane things in life.

Organised in aid of Women’s Refuge, ‘Slapsticks,’ is stated to be playful and humorous, making a wry comment about the human predicament that finds it easier to confront rather than confer.

It is understood that more than $1.65 million has been donated thus far to help Women’s Refuge support the victims of domestic violence in New Zealand.

Slap away angst and anger

A large-scale, outdoor kinetic work, it comes to life when human interaction activates two wooden figurines into slapping each other. In a fragile, annoyed world, ever-ready to wield guns and wage wars, Slapsticks provides comic relief, inviting visitors to “slap away” their pent up angst and anger to create space for conversations, empathy, compassion and laughter.

New Zealand Sculpture on Shore 2018 Chairperson Sally Dewar, referring to Lipika and Prabhjyot’s interactive musical work, “Jugalbandi in the Park” at the NZSOS 2016 show said, “It brought so much happiness to our site.”

Unique ingredients

Happiness, curiosity, human behaviour and childlike wonder are some of the ingredients of experiential, energetic, interactive and often whimsical works of Lipika and Prabhjyot, be it their six-meter tall steel and acrylic public art that spins and swooshes with the wind at the Puke Ariki Museum waterfront; or ‘New Plymouth: Firkeewala – ‘In my heart of eternal childhood;’ or the intriguing ‘Tricky Box’ series of experiential art installations including the Creative New Zealand-funded ‘Tricky Box ‘8 showcased at Ted X Tauranga.’

‘Tricky Box 8’ has created stories with more than 50,000 Kiwis of all ages, travelling to various shows across New Zealand, and is currently showing at Framingham Winery, Marlborough.

Other attractions

Among the others that attract visitors are the ‘Tricky Box 5,’ a large-scale, multimedia sculpture, ‘The Curious Indian Water Well,’ shown at the North Shore Sculpture on Shore 2014, now installed permanently at a sculpture park in Tauranga.

The recent multimedia, the 4.5 meter high ‘Tricky Box Tree of Giving,’ commissioned by Tauranga’s Christmas Park also features a song specially contributed by the popular New Zealand singer Tiki Tane are worthy of special mention.

About the Artists

Lipika and Prabhjyot have been working together for more than ten years in a unique trans-border collaboration that sees them creating and exhibiting in New Zealand that has been home to Lipika for more than 16 years; and India, most recently at the India Art Fair 2017.

Not constrained by any medium, as artists and conceptualists, they have worked in award-winning animated virals, words, sound, timber, steel and acrylic on canvas.

Their works can be viewed on www.inhalingthespirit.com and www.hichki.com and followed on Instagram @inhalingthespirit @thegoblette @hichkihipsters

About the Show

NZ Sculpture On Shore is stated to be New Zealand’s largest outdoor sculpture exhibition, and one of the oldest (since 1996), moving to its Fort Takapuna location in 2004.

The show provides a unique snapshot of contemporary three-dimensional art practice in New Zealand,  including monumental standalone sculptures, domestic and small-scaled works, ephemeral projects, light and sound art works, process art and many site-specific installations.

All the works exhibited at ‘New Zealand Sculpture On Shore’ are for sale during the exhibition and proceeds from each exhibition are donated to Women’s Refuge.


Photo Caption:

  1. Lipika Sen & Prabhjyot Majithia
  2. Visitors having fun with the Slapsticks

(Pictures Supplied)


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