Law change will help create jobs

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Law change will- Kate Wilkinson.jpgChanges to our employment laws will benefit the Indian community and businesses.

We need the right environment to create more jobs and help the economy grow.

Economic growth occurs when a business sees an opportunity and is prepared to invest, expand, take risks, and hire new workers.

The National-led Government is committed to giving businesses of all sizes the confidence to do these things.

We introduced the 90-day trial period in 2008 to encourage employers with fewer than 20 employees to take on new staff, and to expand job opportunities for people who often struggle to get work.

The 90-Day Trial period is working extremely well.

A Labour Department Report found that a vast majority of people employed on a trial period have remained employed.

We know that migrants can often face hurdles when looking for a job and the 90-day scheme opens more doors and offers opportunities they might have otherwise missed.

The Report said most employers viewed dismissals during the trial period as an unfavourable outcome, and actively tried to avoid them.

The voluntary 90-day trial is a win-win situation for employers and employees.

That is why we are extending the trial period to all employers so that every business and every new employee can benefit from the Scheme.

Extending trial periods is just a part of the package of employment law improvements that are being made.

Employers and employees will be also able to agree to transfer the observance of public holidays to another working day. This reflects our growing multi-cultural society.

Some employees may prefer to work a current public holiday in exchange for being granted leave on a day that has special significance to them.

This could include Diwali or Eid and will give workers greater flexibility to take time out to celebrate these festivals

It is pragmatic, credible, effective and is one more step on the road to a growing economy and more jobs.

Kate Wilkinson is Minister of Labour in New Zealand.

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