Hybrid model helps online firm fill gap in KiwiSaver

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Smart technology matches the best Fund to customer needs

National Capital Founder Clive Fernandes (Picture Supplied)

An Auckland based financial advisory firm is offering free advice on KiwiSaver, especially to lower income groups and people who are largely unaware of its benefits and use.
National Capital, established in 2018, uses computer algorithms to determine the type of KiwiSaver Fund that would be the best suitable to people depending on their specific circumstances.
The firm’s Founder and Authorised Financial Advisor Clive Fernandes said that the suitability of KiwiSaver Funds will depend on an individual’s assets, liabilities and risk tolerance.
Maximising opportunity
“All New Zealanders deserve to be financially secure but only one in three of us feel that way now. We want to help Kiwis do better. We believe that the first step to achieving our mission is to maximise our KiwiSaver opportunity,” he said.
An IT professional with experience in development websites, Mr Fernandes moved to New Zealand in 2010 and wanted appropriate financial advise to launch his career here.
“I tried to get financial advice and there was a big difference between the advice for the wealthy and for the rest of us. I was motivated to establish National Capital to fill the gap,” he said.
Mr Fernandes and his professionally qualified team provide personalised investment advice with a primary focus on KiwiSaver. They work with various KiwiSaver providers and select the most appropriate provider and Fund for their clients.
Quality advice at no cost
“Our mission is to help one million Kiwis become financially secure using technology and the principles of puataata (transparency), tikanga (ethics) and taurikura (prosperity). We try to achieve our objectives by merging the best of Authorised Financial Advisers, maximising the benefits and automation in key areas by using smart technology and AI. We are able to offer more Kiwis personalised advice at no cost to them,” Mr Fernandes said.
Digital Advice Exemption
National Capital is one in four financial advisory firms in New Zealand to be awarded a Digital Advice Exemption (Robo-Advice License) by the Financial Markets Authority.
The Exemption allows National Capital to create a hybrid model where computers assist the Authorised Financial Advisors to create and implement recommendations for the best result.
“A KiwiSaver Fund that is suited to one’s current goals and circumstances can result in having thousands more saved up when it comes to retirement,” Mr Fernandes said.
The Company currently advises New Zealanders on over $4 million of their KiwiSaver savings.
For more information, visit www.nationalcapital.co.nz.


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