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Auckland, Saturday, February 18, 2017

Staff Reporter

A new Indian initiative that aims to foster ‘responsible drinking’ has been launched in Auckland.

People in Greater Auckland can order a wide range of Wines, Spirits, Beers and other beverages along with popular fast-food items, with a promise of delivery within in one hour from the time of the placement of order online.

There are however conditions such as unexpected delays due to traffic conditions, road works and other unpredictable issues.

This online service can be accessed on ‘ontherocksnow.com.’

All transactions are through credit cards and prepaid.

Online platform

Based in St Johns in Auckland, the company provides an online platform with Android and iPhone apps.

Chief Executive Joseph Chacko said that the service, which commenced on February 6, 2017, aims to offer Aucklanders a reliable and cost-effective service.

He said that people who are physically challenged, those without transport and other circumstances have found this service useful.

“We are committed to provide the best and most reliable standard of service with the motto, ‘Drink Smart, Don’t Start.’ We constantly monitor customer preferences to improve quality of delivery,” he said.

Safety factors

Mr Chacko claimed that while there may be others offering similar facilities, ontherocksnow.com is a company with a difference.

“The service is safe and liquor will not be delivered to people below 18 years of age and others who do not satisfy the liquor laws in force. Identity cards are checked at delivery point and those who do not qualify will not be served. Our staff are fully trained to ensure compliance,” he said.

Mr Chacko said that another point of difference was that his company operates from 9 am to 9 pm every day of the week.

“We promise to deliver the orders within one hour of their placement, subject of course to traffic and other conditions which cannot be foreseen. We charge a flat fee of $5 per order of minimum value of $20,” Mr Chacko said.

Fast-Food Items

Although the food option is a part of value-added service, the company accepts only limited items that are mentioned on its website.

“These include burger meals, pizzas and wraps of reputed brands. They are delivered in proper food hot bags and handled with care,” Mr Chacko said.

The Company caters to individual, corporate, party and bulk orders.

Mr Chacko said that his enterprise has the requisite license to carry out the business and employs Liquor Management trained delivery personnel.

Secure website

“We have also kept our website very secured with the SSL certificate and a secure payment gateway to nullify any possible fraud. We are a close-knit team and believe that delivering the best customer service is what we do best,” he said.

The Company employs six people, including Mr Chacko’ wife Mary Matthew, Business Development Manager Tejas Dali and three others. Further information can be obtained on 0800-243377.


Photo Caption: Joseph Chacko with Tejas Dalvi near their delivery van


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