Green Party can solve the spiraling homelessness

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James Shaw

(Deputy Prime Minister) Paula Bennett’s frank admission that the Government should have “in hindsight” taken action on the housing crisis sooner will be of little comfort to the growing number of people who are waiting to get into a state house.

The number of applicants on the state house waiting list is now 5353 – up 38% on the same time last year, with almost 500 added since March 2017.

How has it taken the Government, with all of its power and resources, so long to work out just how severe our housing crisis is? The evidence is everywhere – there are more people sleeping on our streets, in cars, in garages, and in motel rooms.

New Zealanders have known it for years, why hasn’t National?

Homelessness surges

We have the highest level of homelessness in the OECD and yet National still thinks it is okay to tinker around the edges and hope for the best.

Thousands of families are in desperate need and are stuck waiting for a home.

That is a sign of massive Government failure.

Meanwhile, National is still continuing its programme of selling off state houses, while at the same time part-nationalising the motel industry.

It makes absolutely no sense.

Apparently, Ms Bennett would rather spend $12 million every three months on emergency accommodation in motels, rather than building permanent, secure, warm state homes for the people who need them most.

Affordable Housing promise

The Green Party in Government will prioritise building state and affordable housing, end the disastrous state house sell-off, and work with the sector and local councils to end homelessness.

About Raj Singh

Raj Pardeep Singh is contesting in the Manukau East as Green Party candidate.

He believes that Green party has the vision and plan for better New Zealand.

Raj will work towards to strengthen a national policy on enhancing clean and dry houses across New Zealand. “Home for life” will help the government to build more affordable houses for everyone. Rent to buy options will be available.

Raj will do his best to enhance equality in the society and work to implement a strong legal framework to maintain law and order.

The Green Party believes that it should be done by improving social justice in the society and providing education to Families and Communities.

Raj is the founder and Principal of Legal Associates, a South Auckland based law firm. His passion for law led him to establish the firm in 2014 with his wife Ashima Singh.

In two years, they have gained over 1600 clients and become a reputed firm in South Auckland.

Understanding problems

Raj truly understands the concerns of many migrants and local community members. His staff and solicitors hold a zeal for solutions and are able to transcend cultural and language barriers to provide quality legal advice to its clients.

Raj specialises in immigration, employment and criminal law, representing local ethnic communities from India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Fiji and Pacific Islanders and residents of Manukau East, Manurewa and Mangere East.

He wants to share his professional success by giving his community a voice and representing them in parliament through his work with the Green Party. He is passionate about policy, law, effective communication and leadership, education and immigration.

Raj takes pride in his diverse team which reflects the multicultural landscape of New Zealand. The journey so far has been rewarding and Raj and Ashima only have their clients, business partners and wider community to thank for their success. Giving back to the community has always been an important part of the work, which is why Raj often offers legal education seminars to communities.

Raj and Ashima have two children born in New Zealand and maintain strong cultural connections to their local community.

“I believe in diverse representation on a national level. I will promote unity in diversity, while strengthening and protecting our vibrant communities,” Raj said.

James Shaw is Co-Leader of the Green Party of New Zealand and Member of Parliament.

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