Get to know more and better about Wills, Trusts and Immigration

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Indu Nair

Indu Nair

Auckland, December 3, 2021

Tomorrow, Saturday, December 4, 2021 from 3 pm 
Meeting ID: 831 4051 6513 Passcode: 034047 

The Auckland Malayali Hindu Samajam (AMHS) is partnering with Indian Newslink and Legal Associates is organising a Webinar on Wills, Trusts and Immigration.

The event, scheduled to be held online from 3 pm, will be addressed by Raj Pardeep Singh, Principal, Legal Associates and Ashima Singh, Partner of the firm.

About Legal Associates

Both are Barristers and Solicitors and have extensive experience in advising their clients on Wills, Trusts and Immigration matters.

Established by Mr and Ms Singh in September 2014, Legal Associates offers, from its offices in Papatoetoe, South Auckland a wide range of legal services to more than 2000 clients. The firm has won awards in several categories and the Supreme Business of the Year at the Indian Newslink Business Awards and Indian Newslink Community Awards. Legal Associates has also been a winner at the Rotary Awards and Westpac Awards.

The firm’s multinational staff understand the needs of their clients including migrants and members of the community and provides them appropriate advice and services.


Raj Pardeep and Ashima Singh with their Supreme Business Award in 2018 (INL Photo by Narendra Bedekar)


About the Webinar

Raj and Ashima will discuss the following issues, in addition to any other matter relevant to the Webinar. These include the following:

Will: What is a Will, who should be making a Will, what should be in it and when and how it will be executed

Trust is another very important topic that is not properly understood by many people. Raj and Ashima will explain the concept of family and other trusts, how they are formed and what are their benefits.

Immigration: The first phase of the new Pathway to Residency 2021 Programme began on December 1, 2021. Raj and Ashima will explain the eligibility criteria for migrant workers on various types of temporary visas, the shortage skills list, critical purpose visas and other related matters. They will also Further clarify doubts relating to the eligibility of children, the challenges of health and character requirements and visa holders outside New Zealand.

The benefits of attending this Webinar will be multi-fold. As well as offering free advice, Raj and Ashima will also answer questions subject to availability of time.

Please use the following link to long-in to the Webinar: 
Meeting ID: 831 4051 6513, Passcode: 034047 

Please follow the Facebook of the Auckland Malayali Hindu Samajam for updates and to obtain information on other events.

About Auckland Malayali Hindu Samajam

The Auckland Malayali Hindu Samajam is currently observing ‘Mandala Kalam’ dedicated to Lord Ayyapan, the Lord of Sabarimala in Kerala

 Since the alert levels of Covid-19 began in New Zealand in August 2021, AMHS has been conducting various festivals and celebrations online. Among them were Onam, Ganesh Chaturthi, Janmashtami, Navratri and Diwali.

The Samajam is currently observing Mandala Kalam, dedicated to Lord Ayyappan of Sabarimala, located in Kerala. The event, held over 41 days, began on November 16, 20021 with nightly Bhajans and other programmes. Details of the Programme which will conclude on December 26, 2021 can be read here.

In addition to all these festivals, the Samajam has also been conducting various informative zoom sessions including Real Estate Q&A, Preparing CV and Starting Your Own Business for its members.

Mandala Kalam 2021: Jayalakshmi Raveendran and team from Kannur (Cannanore), Kerala

Samajam President Chelat Divakara Menon said that the feedback from members has been very positive, motiving the Executive Committee to conduct more such events.

“We have also been receiving enquiries from other communities and non-members expressing a keen interest in joining these sessions. We have therefore opened these webinars and other online events to all. This also helps us build cross-community collaboration to a great extent,” he said.

Indu Nair is a Member of the Auckland Malayali Hindu Samajam.

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