EmpowHER team promises a weekend of high energy and fun

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Devika Erickson

Devika Erickson

Auckland, November 16, 2021

A Webinar On Saturday, November 20, 2021 at 2 pm on Zoom

Devika Erikson

A team of women who have grouped themselves under the ‘EmpowHER’ banner, will present an evening of inspirational talks, companionship and good humour boosting the ‘can-attitude’ and self-confidence of women.

The group, which had organised a highly successful event in Auckland on August 8, 2021 (you can read that story here) are organising their Third Free Community Forum on Saturday, November 20, 2021.

In view of the current lockdown restrictions, the event, under the theme, ‘Recharge, Revitalise and Reconnect,’ will be held on Zoom.

Please follow this link:

Healthy lifestyle changes

This EmpowHER forum is aimed at sharing tips to create healthy lifestyle changes – to enhance overall well-being. Our two speakers will focus on healthy nutrition and exercise and fitness tips that are easy to do – even from the comfort of your own home.

Two women, one known for her weightlifting and as a personal trainer and the other a Bank Manager by day and a fitness expert and an entrepreneur thereafter, will be the speakers.


The EmpowHER Team (from left) Dr Ratneesh Suri, Sakthi Krishnamurthi, Devika Erickson, 
Neelu Taore, Shveta Shah and Rani Nalam (Photo Supplied)


About Namrata Rai

Namrata Rai has extensive qualification and experience in personal training, weight-lifting and has competed at an New Zealand national level as a Powerlifter. She has thus far helped over 500 people reach their fitness goals.

A mother of two teenage daughters, Namrata’s fitness journey began when she was 36 years old, after going through huge weight gains post her second pregnancy.

Embarrassed to even look in the mirror, Namrata suffered an injury, which required surgery and rest. It was during this time that she started thinking about the busy day-to-day demands that we women have and how sometimes we get so caught up in it that we forget to look after ourselves.

Namrata wanted to prove to herself and others that we could still juggle the challenges of day-to-day life and stay on top of our health and fitness, making “looking after me” a priority. In 2018, she decided to become a qualified Nutrition Consultant and Personal Trainer, to help others like her reach their fitness goals.

Namrata will share some valuable tips and tricks on the importance of muscle gain, eating healthy and using things around the house that can be used to exercise at this weekend’s Forum.

She has helped busy people redefine themselves to make them strong and feel more energetic and confident about themselves. Consistency is the key, even if it is for a few minutes daily.

Namrata’s favourite quote that she lives by, is by Frederick Marryat’s, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”

About Shaila Contractor

If you are a woman who wants to keep healthy, fit, strong and lean the rest of your life without hours of exercise and crazy diets, you should listen to Shaila Contractor.

Specialising in helping women to look and feel great, she focuses on a long-term approach.

From being overweight, unhealthy and unhappy to a healthy, fit and strong and happy woman today, Shaila is committed to and passionate about empowering other women to take charge of their lives and be the best they can be.

A qualified health and exercise professional (and outside of her busy day as a Bank Manager), Shaila trains people to be healthy, fit and strong. Along with physical fitness, she helps people to develop more confidence, energy and the motivation to keep going.

She runs regularly 10 kms (‘fun runs’ as she calls the exercise) and recently completed her first half-marathon, as a birthday gift to her daughter.

As a part of expanding her health guidance, Shaila recently launched G2 (Ginger Merchants), a ginger-based natural health product which uses a home-based recipe without additives or preservatives.

Shaila believes that all of us can achieve our goal of being healthy and fit regardless of our personal, physical or mental challenges – at any age.

This weekend Forum will make you experience ‘Super Shaila’s Powerhouse Energy,’ with her “Keep life simple and have fun!” motto.

About EmpowHER

EmpowHER has been established to create a platform for women to empower HER to be the best SHE can be. Initiated by a few like-minded women who are passionate about creating a safe platform for women, the Organisation enables women to connect and empower each other by sharing knowledge, experiences, tips, and tools.

Our goal is to inspire, inform, educate and support other women through this friendly, non-judgmental platform. Our hope is by sharing with each other, we can grow to unleash our true potential, on a journey where we are continually evolving and striving to become the best versions of ourselves!

We will organise a series of free forums, inviting experienced guest speakers to share their knowledge and real-life experiences, to connect with women from all walks of life.

We welcome all women from all ethnic communities who wants to learn, grow and broaden their mindset.

Upcoming forums in Auckland will be posted on our Facebook Page. These are excellent networking opportunities to meet other women and share thoughts and experiences.

We are about women empowering and supporting other women, with kindness and respect, so that all of us can!

Devika Erickson is a wife and mother who knows the art of balancing life. An employee at the country’s largest commercial bank, she evinces interest in social and community welfare. She is one of the six founder-members of EmpowHER, the others being Rani Nalam, Neelu Taore, Dr Ratneesh Suri, Sakthi Krishnamurthi and Shveta Shah.


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