Digital fluency brightens prospects of our youth

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Bala (Venu) Beeram

A growing and diverse economy like ours needs to make sure that we have a workforce ready to meet the demands of industry in the 2020s and beyond.

New Zealand needs a government ready to make strong investments in the future of our children and your party vote to National will see more smart investments to do just that.

National is investing more to provide young Kiwis with the skills they need to build careers and continue the gains our country is making.

We are always looking ahead – identifying what we can do now so we can all benefit down the track.

We are making the biggest change to the school curriculum in 10 years to enable children to become more digitally fluent.

When we talk about digital fluency, we do not just mean being able to use technology. Digital fluency is about having the skills and knowledge to become innovative creators of new digital technology.

This change, alongside $40 million of investment to help accommodate the new curriculum, will transform the lives of many young people in New Zealand and give them the skills to succeed later in life.

Apprenticeship milestone

The Building and Construction Industry Training Organisation (BCITO) has successfully completed its 11000th apprenticeship with the help of the National Government.

Under Budget 2017, National announced a further $7 million of funding over four years to support industry training growth.

Apprenticeships are critical for our economic growth and give young people the chance to earn while they learn. They also help young people get exposure to cutting-edge technology and progress towards a qualification that can set them up for a career.

Youth in Kelston

Getting more of our local young people into education, employment or training is an important issue for me.

I will be working with local businesses, industry groups and training providers to get more opportunities for young people in our booming construction and industrial sectors.

Programmes to help local youth transition into the workforce include Youth Connections, Job Fest, #BuildAKL and YouthFull.

As your local MP, I will continue to work with these programmes to improve prospects for Kelston youth.

Giving your party vote to National will return a forward-looking, united government that will continue to deliver opportunities for our young people.

Wenceslaus Anthony

I was shocked to learn of the sudden demise of Business and Community leader Wenceslaus Anthony and convey my sincere condolences to his family.

I quote the following words of the Editor of this newspaper:

“His wisdom was a blessing to all organisations that he served. His explicit smile was a great source of delight to his friends and relatives. And his attitude towards right and wrong was a model of personal and professional excellence, setting a model for others to replicate.

“In him, I found a person imbued with good attitudes and values. He took huge delight in serving the society in a manner worthy of appreciation.

“If he could be of any help to anybody, he never ever postponed it.

He sourced happiness and joy from sharing his income with others and from rendering timely and adequate help to others.”

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