Covid, do not be proud, we are united to get you out

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A tweenager writes to the deadliest enemy of humankind

Dhanvi Rishi

Dear Covid-19:

You have been living in our world for two years. Have you still not gotten what you want? And who welcomed you here? Do you want us to struggle for the rest of our lives? Because I am pretty sure we all have been having a really hard time living with you around us.

We all get frustrated because we cannot go to school, see our friends, or do anything fun.

What have you done?!!

All we want is to go back to our normal life. And now you have a best friend named Delta?

Photo by Fusion Medical Animation on Unsplash

Terrorising with dumb tricks

When I heard about the first Covid-19 case in New Zealand, my family and I were terrified just over one case. But now there are about 100 cases every day.

Covid, I know your dumb trick! You are making us get used to all of these.

And that is something I hate. I do not want to get used to being stuck at home, working from home, hearing all those people getting infected by your evil work.

I can’t even get good sleep because when it was school days I really liked when my dad came into my room and said, “Wake up!” and that time even if I woke up early, I had still had a way better sleep then now.

Sometimes I get so annoyed with little things, and I get into fights with my brother for absolutely no reason.

Image by Elf-Moondance from Pixabay

Life-changing and weird  

And it just feels so weird and a bit life-changing, seeing everyone wear masks, social distancing and being stuck at home. Not that I don’t like my home, it is just that we cannot see the outside world anymore.

Covid, you have killed about 4.90 million people. What do you want now you tiny selfish ball with spikes? Do you want to take over the world?

But that will not happen.

You will regret this!

Because we will win the fight.

And I just want you to know that You are not welcome here.

Dhanvi Rishi is a Year 6 Student in Auckland. She is born and raised in a family of community-minded parents with a record for social service.

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