Business Excellence in Customer Service

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  1. Global Finance
  2. Shay’s Auto Valet
  3. Ultimate Beauty
  4. Xtreme Beauty Salon


Global Finance

Judges Comments

Global Finance has demonstrated a high commitment to its customers. The systems are easy to use, with immediate access to customer or portfolio information.

The Company prides itself on the way in which it engages with customers to ensure the best possible outcome.

A hallmark of success of Global Finance is the repeat business it gets and the advise it provides after 20 years to the next generation within a family.

Customer Service was a foundational principle embedded in the Company’s culture and a key contributor to its success.

Global Finance Managing Director Ajay Kumar and Aseem Agarwal with (from left) Sakthi and Ilango Krishnamoorthy, Fiji’s Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum and National MP Paul Goldsmith.

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