Bollywood or not, this man belongs to arts

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British actor and presenter Kiran Rai is a man with many hats.

He is an international model, actor, comedian, broadcaster, agent, media coordinator and chat show host.

His family lives in New Zealand, a good enough reason for Kiran Rai to visit the country often, but his global engagements and ambition to become an actor in Hindi films keep him away.

As well as facing the camera, the 27-year old Nottingham-born actor Kiran puts celebrities and ordinary people under the spotlight as a host and entertainer.

He has hosted 106 major events including 35 major sports programmes, 15 film festivals, and 60 showbiz functions.

Accustomed to fame, he has been the topic of editorials in 700 newspapers and 100 fashion magazines and was invited to sit next to Vogue Magazine Editor Dame Anna Wintour at Naomi Campbell’s ‘Fashion for Relief’ fashion show.

Leaders and Celebrities

Known for his active involvement in the entertainment and fashion circuits, Rai is well acquainted with world leaders and Royal Families.

Among theme have been Duke of Gloucester Prince Richard, Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa, Princess Tessy Anthony of Luxembourg, London Mayor Sadiq Khan and Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn (who has decided to step down following the crushing victory of his rival Conservatives Leader Boris Johnson at the election held  on December 13, 2019).

Rai just completed his world tour that took him to 42 countries to promote the latest technology brand ‘Social Box.’

Foray into films

His first break with fame came in 2015, when he was cast as a lead in a Sri Lankan movie, despite a major language barrier. However, when he returned to shoot, he was turned back by the producer who felt that his Sinhalese was not “good enough.”

Growing up in Nottingham, Rai chose to study at the Nottingham’s Television Workshop for promising young actors, and later head to London to join a talented group of young South Asian and British-Indian performers.

He later went on to produce a one-man play titled ‘Good Things Happen to Good People.’

It fared well, encouraging him to move from London’s Soho Theatre to New York’s Richmond Shepard.

Target Bollywood

His major goal it is to make a career in Bollywood.

His recent outing ‘Marriage Online’ faced some hiccups and minor bumps along the road.

Rai said that changing finances and producers, the movie has been delayed.

“I am optimistic,” he said.

Rai said that while he will continue pursuing Bollywood with backup plans.

“Let us talk about Bollywood How did ‘Marriage Online’ happen?”

“I wanted to go to India, but money was tight. So I asked my friend Saj to sponsor my travel. My idea was to knock on all doors until someone answered. I stayed in Mumbai, met several producers and directors and made connections on the way. Salim Khan gave me the chance of a lifetime. I make it sound really easy right now. But times were difficult and I had given myself a three-month deadline,” Rai said.

How can an actor be short on money?

Rai said, “I have been offering my services for free and have never made a single penny for the last eight years. I am really passionate about building my CV. I have not charged anything for ‘Marriage Online’ either. I am building a stellar profile that can earn me thousands of pounds later,” he said.

Primarily shot in Mumbai and Delhi, ‘Marriage Online’ shows the actor in the role of a jealous and aggressive man who doesn’t appreciate his sister dating someone over the internet.

Rai said that if Bollywood does not work for him, he will branch into the world of arts and entertainment.

Meanwhile, he is in Los Angeles, USA since January 6, 2020 with fully-booked engagements.


Kiran Rai (Picture Supplied)

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