ACT to allow return of migrant labour to help businesses

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David Seymour (INL Photo)

David Seymour
Wellington, July 27, 2021

The ACT Party understands that Kiwis want a fair go and want to be rewarded for their hard work.

Many Kiwis of Indian origin who I have met in the past few weeks as part of our ‘Honest Conversations Tour’ feel that this Labour government is punishing them while rewarding other people for doing nothing.

With our recent policy announcements on the economy and Immigration is seeking to correct the balance which is currently tipped in the wrong direction.

The ACT Party’s economic policies reward people who keep the New Zealand economy going.

People of Indian origin contributed $10 billion to the New Zealand economy in 2019.

Our Party aims to reward their contributions rather than those who do nothing.

Three major initiatives

That is why we announced (1) Private MIQ, a safer system to bring back the workers we desperately need (b) Dumping Labour’s ‘immigration reset,’ resuming pre-Covid immigration settings and unfreezing the Expression of Interest for residency and (c) Tackling the Zero Carbon Act, Health and Safety at Work Act, Resource Management Act and the Employment Relations Act.

These are in addition to our Alternative Budget that would reduce government debt and cut taxes from 30% marginal tax rate to 17.5% and reverse the 39% tax rate.

At the same time, we will reduce government debt, while keeping the essential services for all New Zealanders.

Under the ACT Party’s plan, the average earner would get between $1286 and $2107 in their pocket a year from tax cuts.

We are listening to restaurant owners like Sid Sherawat, who has told us how desperately he needs staff but is struggling to employ people. We would dump Labour’s ‘once in a generation’ immigration reset. 

Pre-Covid migration setting

Immigration reform may be needed in the future, but right now we need certainty.

ACT will signal a return to the pre-Covid immigration settings as soon as public health concerns allow.

The blind ideology of this Labour government is hurting families and business owners.

Labour politicians seem to believe that if they keep the borders closed, it will drive up wages and get more Kiwis into work.

It does not work that way and, in the meantime, businesses are going to the wall, fruit has been left to rot on the ground, trees are unpruned, and families are separated.

ACT will speed up residency for highly skilled persons by unfreezing the EOI queue immediately, and by resuming applications for those offshore.

Promising certainty

New Zealanders need certainty from their government.

Businesses, farmers, and growers needs to bring in the skills to grow, or in some cases even continue. Families should be together.

Our commitment to giving business and our agriculture sector the certainty over skills shortages by returning to pre-Covid immigration settings when the public health condition allows for it.

David Seymour is Leader of the ACT Party. The above was a press note issued by his Office.

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